Scuba Guy
Scuba Guy Il y a 20 heures
that dude Oscar is some machinist
TheDLZ72 Il y a 21 heure
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Nuff Said
s dot remo
s dot remo Il y a 21 heure
Cant wait for more B is for Boat
Margo Loor
Margo Loor Il y a 21 heure
I love the channel, I love the work that you guys are doing. And the off-road Huracan is going to be fun to drive fast on gravel roads or flat off-road areas. I don't know anything about Mint 400, for example, I don't know which category you plan to race in and if they have separate tracks for separate categories. But I was watching this video of Mint 400 2020 and man is it a punishing track! The FOX proving grounds... The deep ruts... I honestly can't see the Huracan manage that. Again, great project, but the Mint 400?
Woolly Cars
Woolly Cars Il y a 21 heure
Great video thanks
Sillyzombie666 Il y a 21 heure
heres a dumb idea couldnt you just make it not look like the car?
Robert Tisch
Robert Tisch Il y a 22 heures
Hey everybody, don't paint the zink!!!!! I served on submarines during the Vietnam War. One of the toughest jobs during patrol prep, was crawling through the boats superstructure (turtleback), and changing out the many zink bars along the hull. They need full contact with the seawater to be effective in limiting erosion of the pressure hull. Glad to see you guys removed the paint from your zink anodes!
Robert Tisch
Robert Tisch Il y a 22 heures
Man, you got a new boat! Thanks for sharing this amazing rebuild for us. Everything about your videos is top notch AND you seem to be a very nice, down to earth guy. So refreshing!
medvidekmisa Il y a 22 heures
its funny to call this lambo when you cut out like 90% of the car :D
Haneeshiyan V
Haneeshiyan V Il y a 22 heures
Is it just me or he forgot to do the intro?
Charlie A
Charlie A Il y a 22 heures
Hey, did you get the 2 engines from Texas Speed?
salty gamer
salty gamer Il y a 23 heures
Dont fill it with weld. It will ruin the strength of the steel
Dane Cobb
Dane Cobb Il y a 23 heures
Is the burntacan ever going to rip one day or what
Charles Hansen
Charles Hansen Il y a 23 heures
Dude, y’all should do a “day at the shop with the boys” give away.
nayal Usmani
nayal Usmani Il y a jour
Love from Pakistan
B2Z Powersports LLC
B2Z Powersports LLC Il y a jour
Cool car. Whats it gonna weigh?
Brennan Il y a jour
this is gonna be so fucking cool
Platinum Toast
Platinum Toast Il y a jour
cant wait to see the finished product, this is gonna be insane!
J H Il y a jour
I think you should rename this to *"Ship of Theseus",* since not much of the original Laborghini will be left when its done, lol.
Jim Hertel
Jim Hertel Il y a jour
Mercury marine 32 valve engines would of been cool
Nestor Lugo
Nestor Lugo Il y a jour
4 kseries engines running on cng
Jota Reye
Jota Reye Il y a jour
Where r u boat?
Jason May
Jason May Il y a jour
If you still cant find a low seat i know Cleetus had to get lower seats for his cars he probably has a good idea where to get them
Mauri B
Mauri B Il y a jour
“Oscar did a great job” shirts 😂😂😂😂😂
Jason Harry
Jason Harry Il y a jour
Will this be as wonky as the burntacon when finished? that is the question.
Scott Kellum
Scott Kellum Il y a jour
How to fit a driver + roll cage: put the cage on the outside.
Hity Design
Hity Design Il y a jour
Hity Design
Hity Design Il y a jour
Nice work 👍👍👍
Robert van Wijk
Robert van Wijk Il y a jour
Why not electrich power steering, takes no power of the engine, and it is more and beter to regulate
Lee Willmann
Lee Willmann Il y a jour
Always impressed with the build quality, and your team's fabrication skills! Really enjoying watching this project come to life!
Adventure Vehiculist
Adventure Vehiculist Il y a jour
Pretty sure I waved at oscar yesterday. Nissan gang!
smubblie Il y a jour
What a life. Driving your own custom built car. Grill of your dreams beside you.
Michael Wood
Michael Wood Il y a jour
this Jumpicon is going to be awesome!
Johnny Stoka
Johnny Stoka Il y a jour
B is for Oscar
Cesar Pérez Méndez
Cesar Pérez Méndez Il y a jour
We should make a film, use a car character with the same model of the dumbass’s car that stole Chris car and sue them. Sorry Chris....
tturi2 Il y a jour
F1 you are basically laying down to get their body as low as possible, this lambo is going to be pretty awesome btw
hateju Il y a jour
How about an electric steering rack from some heavyduty truck suv those would have the joints straight in front of the driver too....🤔
Marcin Hernik
Marcin Hernik Il y a jour
Watching Oscar work on hyperlapse @ 2x the video speed build the whole car :D
KanonOC Il y a jour
i hope your adding a telescoping or a crumbling party to the steering shaft so you don't spear yourself in a collision.
Christopher Andrews
Christopher Andrews Il y a jour
I would of offset the steering rack for less angle on those intermediate shaft joints.
C Johnson
C Johnson Il y a jour
Crazy how heavy duty this build looks guys...any guess to what the final weight will be or if there is a target weight?
Hans Hampel
Hans Hampel Il y a jour
Hans Hampel
Hans Hampel Il y a jour
did exactly what you need to do
Hans Hampel
Hans Hampel Il y a jour
you need to watch the FRfix video I sent you
Hans Hampel
Hans Hampel Il y a jour
Frank Hazelrigg
Frank Hazelrigg Il y a jour
Every Fab Shop that's watching this is wishing they had an Oscar.
Tom Hutchins
Tom Hutchins Il y a jour
A wide low long car with poor visibility in the mint 400!? Is this for drama or does he actually believe this car will be functional? You take a beating off road racing even with good suspension. You don't want to be laying back its bad for your back, organs, and neck. it will also make you see sick. You cant cut out the floor and lower it . The last thing you want to do is use your butt for a skid plate, Hum could this be one of many reasons why they don't run sports cars off road racing? Oh and it was hard to turn because you still had the plastic cups in the hydraulic ports. Oh and your cross bar held to the rack with 2 bolts wont work. Im assuming this thing will actually race LOL. He is going to own a whole fleet of expensive dysfunctional cars and a boat? Maybe he knows it and this is just for the video's?
Dan Charron
Dan Charron Il y a jour
Kerkley seats are made in Cornwall Ontario Canada. Call em direct tell em who you are and tell em you been promoting them a lot on here. They are great guys and they know they got the best name them days. I mean they are 45 minutes away from where I live. They test on the same tracks I race on. 6139384885 is the phone number
Sotdjuret Il y a jour
make sure the company that makes the harness like that driving position you gona have. its not all just about the seat if you wana be safe =)
Iordaniss Googlis
Iordaniss Googlis Il y a jour
Gerry Milidantri
Gerry Milidantri Il y a jour
On the subject of your axles, have your machinist machine a donuts flange that you can press fit then weld it to your mustang axel hub. Have the machinist make a insert which fills the id od the mustang hub. It can be machined in 1 piece. Then you can drill the bolt circle on your adapter donuts
grietga Il y a jour
You may consider adapting a collapsible steering shaft. Given the use of that car, getting it planted in the sand after a high speed jump is not to be exluded and you don't want that shaft go through your chest.
fasttunningcolombia Il y a jour
FormatDriveC :
FormatDriveC : Il y a jour
Dude this project gets cooler in every chapter
Tommy Holen
Tommy Holen Il y a jour
Looking at the first bracket you have with adjustment for the steering wheel height. Would it not make sense to have it at the same angle as the steering axle in order to have less binding, wear and tear on the bearing?
Mees Jansen
Mees Jansen Il y a jour
This should be an amazon prime show
Derek Bellamy
Derek Bellamy Il y a jour
You should be test fitting the seat with the helmet your using. It's the only real way your going to have proper placement, for safety and vision. Not trying to sound like a dick with these posts, just really want this project to succeed and be a contender
Garip Satin
Garip Satin Il y a jour
Gabriel Donhauser
Gabriel Donhauser Il y a jour
As LZ is your inspiration, then the next car must be a drift one xD
Wrackz Il y a jour
I‘m soo exited for the first offroad anventure🙂
Joey Strittmatter
Joey Strittmatter Il y a jour
I've been watching Adams since he was only making bike videos
Rob Done
Rob Done Il y a jour
Wouldn't it be better to sleeve the mustang axle with a wider steel ring and then weld it to the mustang side and drill the bolt pattern in to it?
Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas Il y a jour
Oscar the fab , Oscar the welder , Oscar the designer , Oscar the spanner , Oscar the screw driver , Oscar the bolt , Oscar the nut , Oscar the hammer 😂😂😂.
Col. Strayga
Col. Strayga Il y a jour
Please don't cut the floorboards.
j Walster
j Walster Il y a jour
2022: the first Lamborghini prerunner
JJFamily Il y a jour
Any updates on B is for Boat?
Troy Dawson
Troy Dawson Il y a jour
Rad build so far,. Did you think maybe you could have added some gears (like a v drive) to the steering to minimise the angles? Or offset the steering box like the OEM designs? I'd still be worried about binding or the wheel ripping out of your hand on jumps and dirt.
Purp Dillinger
Purp Dillinger Il y a jour
Play at 1.25X speed...Chris talks too much🤣🤣
Mr. Quindazzi
Mr. Quindazzi Il y a jour
Fellas- that axle plan doesn't sound too practical. I'm thinking your machinist will dissuade you.
Carlos Eduardo Varela Félix de Almeida Junior
Carlos Eduardo Varela Félix de Almeida Junior Il y a jour
I'm really hyped about this project, it will run like a trophy truck, but is so much lighter
TcFreer Il y a jour
I may have missed it, but any update on the B is for Boat?
willy mac
willy mac Il y a jour
So can't you modify the roll cage to go through the roof and provide protection from outside instead of inside? Like an exoskeleton?
Sideshow Bob
Sideshow Bob Il y a jour
I can't stomach the front end repair with your lack off travel.
Neil UK
Neil UK Il y a jour
Your steering column really should be able to collapse in case of a heavy front end impact. Just because you wont move closer to the front of the car doesn't protect you if the steering wheel and steering shaft impale your chest.
WETeam17 Il y a jour
Oscar is the real og
James Weaver
James Weaver Il y a jour
m v
m v Il y a jour
damn! Where can I get me an Oscar? Dude is MVP.
Vesa Lampinen
Vesa Lampinen Il y a jour
Is there anything Oscar couldn't do? Probably not. 😏
Malphas Media
Malphas Media Il y a jour
No intro?
Peter Brazier
Peter Brazier Il y a jour
Chris you are lucky that Oscar loves Welding.