Vince Lamarche
Vince Lamarche Il y a 20 heures
What effect is the much lighter engins going to have on the way the boat sits in the water? is it going to be front heavy now?
tredogzs Il y a 20 heures
@B is for Build Try a wire wheel on a drill... brushing using a wire brush by hand is hardly affective compared to a cheap wire wheel on a drill. They come in all sizes and can fit in anywhere. I am sure you know.
NWSanta Il y a 20 heures
YESSS So excited for you guys! Can't wait to see her back in the water!
NEROJAN Ravichandran
NEROJAN Ravichandran Il y a 20 heures
2:40: Chris - I can't explain to you how large this is until you see it in person Me: That's what they all say 😂
joe dirt
joe dirt Il y a 21 heure
Khalid Edros
Khalid Edros Il y a 21 heure
While u content is good, i seem to let oscar and Kyle do all the work. Or most of it at least.🤔
donald elrod
donald elrod Il y a 21 heure
why not use the raw water pump that bolts to the front of the crankshaft?. more reliable with one less belt to contend with and should have the room since gas eng is shorter than diesel.
Abraham Abud
Abraham Abud Il y a 21 heure
The yellow MAP/PRO gas tank heat much hotter than the blue propane ones. IMO that nut would have come off if you'd use the yellow ones.
Mikko Kuusisto
Mikko Kuusisto Il y a 21 heure
your fuel consumption is pretty much going to double with the new engines so its going to be a stretch to get the 100 miles with a full tank? still.. gotta love the ls swap =)
David A
David A Il y a 21 heure
im curious how do you change the oil on the LS engines... or on the existing diesels... not like a car where you get under the car.
Greg Scott
Greg Scott Il y a 21 heure
Use a pressure washer!
Jeremy Kahan
Jeremy Kahan Il y a 21 heure
Are you replacing or flushing the fresh water system? What about bilge pumps?
Mr. Flipper
Mr. Flipper Il y a 22 heures
Should have spray painted the engine mounts and gel-coated the rest, mix and roll or brush on, simple simple and it would last forever, that spray paint will flake off eventually and look like crap.
Solas750 Il y a 22 heures
Chris, What are you going to do about the marine generator on the boat. As it is diesel fueled?
JYRD85 Il y a 22 heures
How you plan to have the Cummins Onan generator running on Diesel and the engines on gasoline, are you going to install a second tank?
Riley McAlpine
Riley McAlpine Il y a 22 heures
I'm from Portland to!
Different Face James
Different Face James Il y a 22 heures
Angle 📐 into the driveway or use thick metal plates so that the water can still flow under neath
Jason Owens
Jason Owens Il y a 22 heures
What everyone think about safemoon?
Ace Il y a 22 heures
Matches for backup if you can't fix the boat lol
Ian Lockwood
Ian Lockwood Il y a 23 heures
Loving b is for boat. Keep pushing along.
Obeyless Punk
Obeyless Punk Il y a 23 heures
Next on B is for Lamborghini
Chase Kunik
Chase Kunik Il y a 23 heures
thing is not gonna sit right in the water with how light those ls's are. not gonna have the torque to get it on plane either.
Paul Volpe
Paul Volpe Il y a 23 heures
Add matches to Diesel tank - getting rid of diesel problem solved. No boat either but hey ho.
mattobrien2010 Il y a 23 heures
Seeing how big the engine was compared to oscar and kyle....good god lol
Ryan Bowker
Ryan Bowker Il y a 23 heures
I don't know if you'll see this but you should use gel coat and a cheap wood brush for the engine bay. It will last much longer and is much easier to clean
Jared Hamelin
Jared Hamelin Il y a 23 heures
I enjoy the boat series too. The channel is B is for Build, not B is for cars. Also you should have kept the one good diesel beast and done a homemade tank build down the road.
stephen vail/iow
stephen vail/iow Il y a 23 heures
Great teamwork as usual. A joy to watch.
Chad H.
Chad H. Il y a 23 heures
B is for BOAT is BACK
James Taylor
James Taylor Il y a jour
We all know what them matches are really for. We’ve seen them red eyes😉
Isaac Hawkins
Isaac Hawkins Il y a jour
B is for broke 😂😂😂
S Chang
S Chang Il y a jour
How much engine oil are each LS engine be running on?
Moto Tonnur
Moto Tonnur Il y a jour
... You are going to have a time with the drainplugs and oil filters.
j Il y a jour
Twin LSX swapping a yacht is just peak America.
Muhammad OzdoPayhmar
Muhammad OzdoPayhmar Il y a jour
einsteindrieu Il y a jour
Those engines will be so nice for that Beautiful ship !!!🧡🖤🧡
Lars Bremen
Lars Bremen Il y a jour
Maybe you can use the original fuel pump for taking all the diesel out. Or when it’s not to hard pull the fuel tank en rins it out thats always better
Ben Butler
Ben Butler Il y a jour
Let’s go! Been waiting for this!
Nick Il y a jour
Yup sell that one or use it as a rental/income property and get a car friendly property. Maybe something outside the city.
Luis Alfaro
Luis Alfaro Il y a jour
The 110 plug was probably for a block heater. Can’t wait to hear the first start!
Daniel Hannagan
Daniel Hannagan Il y a jour
Totally Awesome is the best! Use to clean boat vinyl all the time. Just be care and wipe it off after cleaning.
Rich Mueller
Rich Mueller Il y a jour
The 110 volt cord is for warming the engines
Chuck abbate
Chuck abbate Il y a jour
That good engine was worth a lot of money, right? I would think that someone was in the same problem as you, one bad engine. I would have held on to the engine and tried to sell it. You could have recouped some of the money spent on the LS's. What if the LS's don't work out? I really do hope that you are successful with this change. Us boat guys are very interested in the performance and economy of operating with these gas engines compared to the 2 monster diesels you removed. This is a very interesting project and a nice change from all the normal car projects that everyone else are doing.
Andy ́s Multikopter- Luftaufnahmen
Andy ́s Multikopter- Luftaufnahmen Il y a jour
Cant wait so the boat in water again with the new engines!!
rangie944 Il y a jour
If only cleaning and painting went so fast in real life !! Great to be watching this project again.
Rich Wyatt
Rich Wyatt Il y a jour
I'd bet those old diesels weigh a lot more than the new LSXs. Might want to check the bow for some ballast. Don't want the front riding too low...
Brian James
Brian James Il y a jour
If your old engines were much heavier than the new ones from TS, won't your boat sit much higher in the water and not be as stable? I don't know the answer I'm actually curious
Jul Gutierrez
Jul Gutierrez Il y a jour
What are you going to do about the generator? Separate tank and keep it diesel or replace with gas?
Richard Cave LBPPA
Richard Cave LBPPA Il y a jour
most employees have time cards, Oscar has youtube videos!
Michael Caruso
Michael Caruso Il y a jour
Great you are back to get the boat done
Mike Il y a jour
All the guys that were cleaning did a great job. You should get a submersible pump for the diesel fuel with a hose and a couple 55 gallon drums in the back of a truck and drain the fuel out of the tank into the drums to remove the diesel fuel from your yacht 👍👍💯
Stephen Meade
Stephen Meade Il y a jour
B Walker
B Walker Il y a jour
As others have stated, you will not only need to heavily ventilate the engine space, you will also have to completely change the venting of the fuel tanks. Diesel tanks are designed to be “too lean to burn” whereas gasoline tanks are designed to be “too rich to burn”. No one wants to see this cool project turn into a 250 gallon Molotov cocktail.
Cole Golson
Cole Golson Il y a jour
Hey I was wondering what motor that was in the boat.
Михаил Гошкин
Михаил Гошкин Il y a jour
what compressor you use for sandblasting that body? I have the same sandblast but i am not sure that my little 100l compressor will be good for that job
Moto Nugget
Moto Nugget Il y a jour
Just picturing those new motors in that boat has me excited :D
Joe Gagliano
Joe Gagliano Il y a jour
His insurance agents face when he says matches are good too if we can't fix the boat.
chrispy Il y a jour
I’m subscribed to this channel specifically and only for this boat build. It’s mid spring. Time to go hard on this. Lets go.
Buildinup6 Il y a jour
I dont know where you live but can’t you afford something better than that?
170mushroom Il y a jour
More boat episodes please
Cruising the South
Cruising the South Il y a jour
A fresh cooling system for a MerCruiser 454 will fit perfect for your new engine ! The heat exchangers is a very crucial part of the system and those are just as old as the old engines you should slap some new heat exchangers! Just a thought wouldn’t trust any heat exchanger that is more than 10 years old Check the system I installed on my! And this one is a half system which the exhaust still gets raw water but I just purchased another one for the other engine and that is a full system so only the elbows get saltwater great investment
Michael Henley
Michael Henley Il y a jour
Yay, Been waiting for this!
Brad Mottishaw
Brad Mottishaw Il y a jour
Have you tried calling a fuel polishing service to see if they would want the Diesel fuel? They do that for Sailboats all of the time, and with the current price of fuel...
RaGe F1
RaGe F1 Il y a jour
no masks when spraying guys really....
Ketil Olsen
Ketil Olsen Il y a jour
Eeerrrmmmm..... You should have drained the fuel tanks before doing ENYTHING in there! Dont ask how I know 😬
carnifax241 Il y a jour
Don’t forget to change you generator or at least remove the diesel one
khombol69 Il y a jour
A boat episode finallyyyy woooo 🙏🏽
Anton Taylor
Anton Taylor Il y a jour
More B is for Boat please!
Cheeksy78 Il y a jour
Engine isnt a piece of junk, because somebody wants it :-)
Felipe Sousa
Felipe Sousa Il y a jour
You could have used a hose to drain the water from the floor of the boat. As long as the end of the hose is lower than the bottom of the boat it would have dine the job in no time.
Nathaniel Langston
Nathaniel Langston Il y a jour
Love the yacht series!! Shouldn't have jinxed it about getting it done by the 4th though!! lol
Frank Lananna
Frank Lananna Il y a jour
Can’t wait to see the new motors
Beau Rowland
Beau Rowland Il y a jour
Have you every heard of a wet, dry vacuum cleaner 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂😂
John Dallas
John Dallas Il y a jour
Where’s all the snap on snobs saying that wrench is harbor freight?
Παυλος Χαραλαμπους
Παυλος Χαραλαμπους Il y a jour
Fun fact. Ajax is actually the cleaning spray that protagonist's father is using all the time in " my fat Greek wedding" 😉
Yaseen Ba
Yaseen Ba Il y a jour
Without Oscar this channel will be dead
Cass Millender
Cass Millender Il y a jour
Awesome is the best to cut oil and grease been using it for years
Electric Kiwi
Electric Kiwi Il y a jour
those new motors are gonna look rad, would be cool to have a clear floor and lights in the engine bay.
Ruaraidh McDonald-Walker
Ruaraidh McDonald-Walker Il y a jour
Painted new water line before fitting new engines.... Don't forget the bilge blowers for the new engine room.
Steve Arsenault
Steve Arsenault Il y a jour
Wrong ! HP = [torque x RPM's} devided by 5252
John Lutge
John Lutge Il y a jour
Take a look at Seakeeper stabiliser for the boat. It will make it a much better place to be.