john Treloar
john Treloar Il y a 15 heures
Why not do the front side panels on the dash the same way you did the panels on the rear of the dash???
Benjamin Chen
Benjamin Chen Il y a 15 heures
7 months late... Remember this episode: He revealed that he bought another Lamborghini and I kind of guessed that the new build revealed on Thanksgiving was a lambo.
thehuston Il y a 15 heures
I think you should wear your hat backwards more so people know how cool you are.
Dominick Anderson
Dominick Anderson Il y a 16 heures
Flock it!
Mauri B
Mauri B Il y a 16 heures
Cup holders next I’m assuming? That’s the most important part
Lyfz Good
Lyfz Good Il y a 17 heures
Gosh Oskar leave some p***y for the rest of us lol
Bri Il y a 18 heures
This is why I watch this, all the guys know just enough about stuff you actually feel like you could pull this off as a person with a non-car career as a 9-5 job.. No one is uber expert at this stuff in this garage, they just work hard and know just enough bout their skillsets.
TT Innovations
TT Innovations Il y a 18 heures
nice !!!, (Time to buy a corner balance scales and see what this thing weights, betting a bit fat?? with all that extra steel ?)
CREEK Il y a 19 heures
I think you should do a take on an aventador dash and center console for the screens and the starter button
Cory C.
Cory C. Il y a 19 heures
Please do a build series on the shop. PLEASE.
Axel Official
Axel Official Il y a 19 heures
Been here since the start, you guys are a total different level now
Adrian Hinds
Adrian Hinds Il y a 19 heures
Make it so that it gets through the door or you will have to take the window out to get to the dash board in the future
Davis Kemmy
Davis Kemmy Il y a 19 heures
Hey what about the yatch with Texas speed engines 😭😭😭😭
david elmsly
david elmsly Il y a 19 heures here is another lambo race truck build. Its over dubbed as its not an english speaking team but still interesting.
LR Lapua
LR Lapua Il y a 19 heures
why not just use some off road hubs instead of making a hybrid axle ? Kartek and a few others probably have a bolt on hub and spindle you could use, building some new/stronger rear arms would also be a benefit....
Elijah Campbell
Elijah Campbell Il y a 20 heures
You should have B is dor build bead rolled into that dash panel
Mtb Wolf Trail
Mtb Wolf Trail Il y a 20 heures
Cyber truck dash lol
Hussein Haddadi
Hussein Haddadi Il y a 20 heures
Oskar is a master .....
Jugaloking69 Dope
Jugaloking69 Dope Il y a 21 heure
lol i guess you didn't get a survey and such i see that you have a crew but how much do they know about boats?
Jeff Savage
Jeff Savage Il y a 21 heure
B is for BOAT, Check out Flying wheels he bought a floating turd just like yours
Troy Thorne
Troy Thorne Il y a 21 heure
CAD - Cardboard Aided Design!
Al-habibie Gogo
Al-habibie Gogo Il y a 21 heure
Why not just cut the factory dashboard to fit it around those tube? and it has more oem look
Stefan Entzeroth
Stefan Entzeroth Il y a 21 heure
planing on flocking or covering the aluminum at all? sun reflection might be brutal in the big open areas like dessert
haywood jablowmi
haywood jablowmi Il y a 21 heure
Does the car have a retractable madturbator to service me while I drive?
haywood jablowmi
haywood jablowmi Il y a 21 heure
Does the car have a retractable madturbator to service me while I drive?
UnderGround Mafia Terry James
UnderGround Mafia Terry James Il y a 21 heure
Dope azz build
Scott Rogers
Scott Rogers Il y a 22 heures
what was that software he used for building the bars?
Lee Tingler
Lee Tingler Il y a 22 heures
This video is back in November today is April 21 what's happening now?
The Sigma Enigma
The Sigma Enigma Il y a 22 heures
Yeah but when you switched from showing the 3D stuff back to the actual car you said "Welcome back to automobile world" and I really think you missed a good opportunity to say "Welcome back to the automoREAL world" and I just wanted to point that out.
N Il y a 22 heures
One piece. Got it :D
Danielone1 IsinYT
Danielone1 IsinYT Il y a 22 heures
Amazing!!! I can’t wait!!! Stoked
Rndm Fella
Rndm Fella Il y a 23 heures
Mike Il y a jour
Keep in mind your are in multipoint harness while driving. If you have touchscreens and buttons - make sure you can reach 'em ;-).
Grant Evelyn
Grant Evelyn Il y a jour
Be is for build, %100 powered by Oscar
Tony A
Tony A Il y a jour
Well done sir!
Nathanial Dupont
Nathanial Dupont Il y a jour
Your shop is now a Lambo LP
Fabrication Nation
Fabrication Nation Il y a jour
How much do you think it will weigh, and how much does a normal Ultra 4 car weigh?
Gavin Richardson
Gavin Richardson Il y a jour
It's starting to look like an absolute monster! Can't wait to see it fly! Can we get some stills of it ?
Jeff C
Jeff C Il y a jour
Mr_c_viper Il y a jour
15:41 25$ to get bent 🤣🤣
C Fin
C Fin Il y a jour
"$25 to get bent..."
trillrif axegrindor
trillrif axegrindor Il y a jour
another Oscar video,you could've avoided the cellphone crap and just cardboard templated it ,faster,but same result
Ɗɾσ𐌶ҽყ Il y a jour
Nice RC car.
Scuba Guy
Scuba Guy Il y a jour
how heavy is that damn thing. i hope it is lighter than it looks
Israel E. Hernandez
Israel E. Hernandez Il y a jour
Wasted 25min of my life ☠☠☠
fizzyelectricity Il y a jour
Are you not having two small aero style screens on that dash ?
Yachtboy Nick
Yachtboy Nick Il y a jour
Before Oscar came back it was you and the other guy now that Oscar is back the other guy not getting any recognition. 🤦🏿‍♂️
Grant A
Grant A Il y a jour
Did you scrap the boat project bro?
Tj Vdp
Tj Vdp Il y a jour
What software did hè use on his phone?
Adam McGee
Adam McGee Il y a jour
iPhone 12 uses LIDAR it’s 💩 . Try occipital structure scanner $400 bucks and an IPad. It’s the best bang for buck low learning curve...
Nehal Gohel
Nehal Gohel Il y a jour
It would look more badass if the ride height was like the trophy trucks!
Mike Mocon
Mike Mocon Il y a jour
Dash looks good but I bet it will rattle like a son of a bitch.
Troy Kyle
Troy Kyle Il y a jour
A skill saw with a carbide blade works really well cutting aluminum .
Kyle McDaniel
Kyle McDaniel Il y a jour
I recommend using dzus tabs and fasteners. Solid connection and 1/4 turn fastener. Also will have a flush clean look
KLASIKS Il y a jour
oscar the most hardworking man in the game......though i cant believe we waited a week for an episode were a metal dash is being instaled
Dean Taylor
Dean Taylor Il y a jour
DuBEuS Il y a jour
Please call this Elignore
Hugo Lång
Hugo Lång Il y a jour
put moca on the dash so its super clean!
Stand Up Merica
Stand Up Merica Il y a jour
To much tec you should have just let Oscar go at it
Sports Cars
Sports Cars Il y a jour
This mustang is SICK? 🤙🏽👍🏽
Matson Mist
Matson Mist Il y a jour
New chanel name idea B is for Oscar
Alicatt1 Il y a jour
Any more updates on this project?
Aquatic Ape
Aquatic Ape Il y a jour
Wow, protecting and serving....... She was looking for revenue.
Darnamora Gaming
Darnamora Gaming Il y a jour
Vasa Nikolic
Vasa Nikolic Il y a jour
25 dolars for one bend in america i live in serbia my dad owns a metal working company and when someone comes to us like that its 2 dolars per bend and if it is a job that we do its 0.5 dolars a bend so you got ripped of my dude
Mr Roddy
Mr Roddy Il y a jour
Is it gonna have windscreen wipers? Rambling through mud and dirt.... The cowl, or scuttle panel. Is used to divert water to the drainage channels while keeping water away from the wiper motor
Le Bullee
Le Bullee Il y a jour
Oscar should open his own fabrication business
Sun Il y a jour
Now you just need to wrap that dash in some matte vinyl so it won't neuralyze you in the dunes lol
AB Diesel82
AB Diesel82 Il y a jour
I’m curious why you didn’t opt to split the dash in the middle, bead roll one edge to overlap the other? That way you would’ve been able to be as detailed on the side pieces as you wanted to be while maintaining “quick” access to wiring and electronic components
I apologize in advance
I apologize in advance Il y a jour
Building a mutant Lambo and worrying about the aesthetics of the dash bolts is priceless
Fred Marsian
Fred Marsian Il y a jour
What’s the beat in the first time lapse called???
Ryan Heidbrier
Ryan Heidbrier Il y a jour
You should bring some of the crazy lambo angles into the dash and house the Holley pro dash in the middle. Being flat like it is loses that lambo flavor.
Wil Ketchin
Wil Ketchin Il y a jour
Lidar is the tech on the phone
The ReaL LisT
The ReaL LisT Il y a jour
May be a mistake making it to turn of metal. Will make a good guilotine for the occupants. Also a good place to save weight?
Armen Na
Armen Na Il y a jour
The weight of that ATV car is ridiculous high.
Lemmon Juice
Lemmon Juice Il y a jour
This thing lookin like the bat mobile
AutoMotivate Il y a jour
"dead nuts parallel" Yes, yes it is
MJESR Edwards
MJESR Edwards Il y a jour
Oscar needs a RAISE! Lol. Great stuff. Love it. Ps... ground clearance?? Been offline on business (off grid), Stance looks super low for a Baja or short track truck. ??
Dawson J Siebert
Dawson J Siebert Il y a jour
Are you going to put any sort of rubber around mounts or anything to keep the noise down? I get it’s a race car but I feel like all that metal and all of the vibrations would get really loud and really annoying