First Ocean Trip Ends In DISASTER

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B is for Build

Il y a 5 mois

In today's episode were heading from Portland OR to the Pacific Ocean 110 miles down river!
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grizzlycontracting Il y a 2 jours
Did anybody check the oil before leaving? I'm sure it'll be fine. How about latching the dogs on those portlights? Shouldn't be an issue. Lifejackets? I'm sure they are around. Radar in dense smoke? Nahhh, we'll just blow the horn periodically. Also, let's totally guess how much fuel we have and our range will be a surprise.
aseyeseait Il y a 2 jours
Turbo drank that oil
Scott Luther
Scott Luther Il y a 4 jours
The whole state was on fire because of left wing democrat terrorists! Stay on the water as they won’t be able to burn you out!
Reid Wright
Reid Wright Il y a 8 jours
CORRECTION : THE GRAVEYARD OF THE PACIFIC is considered to be from Tilamook Bay Washington, to the Northern West Coast of Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada! (Cape Scott)!
FRANCO MARIC Il y a 8 jours
NixonInDaGhetto Il y a 9 jours
Also if you b-line to the right of st Helen's down the Lewis river you will find Pekins Ferry. I know someone who found a gold nugget bigger then their thumb on the Lewis river.
NixonInDaGhetto Il y a 9 jours
I actually built that island campground that is between St Helen's Or and Woodland Wa.. When you get water bound again you should stop by. It has the most amazing views.
S K Il y a 9 jours
That’s a beautiful boat, keep her as original as possible ! Me, I would have limped her back on 1 engine then taken an easy visitors berth back home & got help there .... bout you played safe well done 👍
Mr. Boobania
Mr. Boobania Il y a 11 jours
BOAT = Break Out Another Thousand ... or in this case, Ten Thousand. I feel your pain brother! Been there, done that.
Michael William
Michael William Il y a 11 jours
Dude: Every morning before you even think of going anywhere, its oil check time period. The problem would have re sealed itself after your first overnight stop. Expensive lesson, but from now on you're gonna be checking oil and other things down below.
rich keylor
rich keylor Il y a 11 jours
21:38 Soooooo the non working oil pressure gauges that didn't show oil pressure before are now showing oil pressure after you put oil in the engine. Hmmmmmmm.🤔 Imagine how dependable those Cummins would be with some lubrication.
van Dijk
van Dijk Il y a 11 jours
The boat isn't built like a true speed machine so lamborghini engines would be cool but make no sense. I would go with big, nice sounding diesels... fits the type of boat and the era it represents. Tesla wouldn't be right on this one, that would be cool in another type of RIVA though, maybe in a real classic same goes for the lambo engines btw... But this boat needs big ass diesels...!!! Scania's sound nice!
ConvairDart106 Il y a 11 jours
Trying to sell shit? I'm outta here! Not worth my precious time!
Marco Polo
Marco Polo Il y a 12 jours
D is for dumb.
Cana and Me
Cana and Me Il y a 14 jours
Hope you can fix the boat soon
Chris Hobbs
Chris Hobbs Il y a 14 jours
No oil pressure guage. No oil. Dont you check stuff before you leave. Stay away from boats.
Edgardo L. Acobe-Fournier
Edgardo L. Acobe-Fournier Il y a 18 jours
Did you did I a pre trip check on the engine before the trip ?
william hogg
william hogg Il y a 18 jours
I knew this person was a LANDLOVER when he said he was going to (PARK) the boat! I'm pretty sure this may be his first boat. I'd like to be there when he gets an estimate on how much this work is going to cost. He should be happy to get someone to re-build this diesel.
Dave Engstrom
Dave Engstrom Il y a 19 jours
You knew the motor had a problem but you went anyway.....
Mase Woods
Mase Woods Il y a 19 jours
Paint, like gloss fo flat matte gun metal grey or something, the color is whack
halmc Il y a 19 jours
I dozed off. Did anything of interest ever happen?
budsbus TBI
budsbus TBI Il y a 26 jours
we limp boat 100s miles on 1 engine all the time!! nit not near as fast and dont steer the same but if you even knew a small bit of boating you could take home on one!
Tad Kowal
Tad Kowal Il y a 27 jours
. . . and that's why the USCG has their motor lifeboat training in Cape D.
CasualGamerPT Il y a 29 jours
I bet that the radar would come in handy in the fog, don't u think?
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony Il y a mois
You're just noticing your boat now? that is a hot f****** boat I'm 63 years old this is the first hard-on I've had in four years nice good upload.
Mark Hancock
Mark Hancock Il y a mois
Fix the old diesel. It's a old boat. It's not worth it putting new equipment in. Diesels usually lose the front seals. It would be a good DIY project. Now's a good time to fix and finish the old electronics. Good luck.
Mike Loch
Mike Loch Il y a mois
You absolutely can run and steer a twin engine boat with only one engine running...have done it many times
RyanSS Il y a mois
Why didn't you just limp home on one motor?
George Hays
George Hays Il y a mois
A commercial wow. White skin red hair hope you’re wearing sun screen. Alcohol and boating don’t mix.
George Hays
George Hays Il y a mois
Yeah the Columbia river bar is notorious. No other boats out, windy and choppy should have been a tell. Smoke obscuring your visibility. I’d turn around.
j johnson
j johnson Il y a mois
Note to self fix 300 oil gauge to avoid $30,000 dual engine rebuild
j johnson
j johnson Il y a mois
15:47. Reason why to not buy a boat
j johnson
j johnson Il y a mois
You can actually get a hamburger. And drive there in a Honda civic for about 2 bucks. Instead of $2000 in diesel
jason suttle
jason suttle Il y a mois
Hp has nothing to do with pushing a boat, you need tq. And gas will be twice as expensive to run. Believe me, I know lol
Your Tutor
Your Tutor Il y a mois
28 sec troubleshooting, 30 min youtube
Jonah Bumhell
Jonah Bumhell Il y a mois
Ive been there and my boat was pulled by that lift that place is really cool
nephilly87 Il y a mois
I’m sure you never checked the oil ever
Soney Liston
Soney Liston Il y a mois
You think a lot of things are "cool"
Legend Cox
Legend Cox Il y a mois
aww geez what's the point of dual engines if it can't be driven on one. Lesson for the future never run without known working gauges.
Larry Baker
Larry Baker Il y a mois
You have a generator juat need batteries and electeic motors. The generator can be set to charge the drive batteries.
Robert Fisher
Robert Fisher Il y a mois
Is this guy for real? Notice to people: Dont ride in a boat with this guy.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Il y a mois
Sounds like a rod knock
Adam Houge
Adam Houge Il y a mois
Why do you learn how to check oil instead of learning how to work on a Lamborghini you can’t handle it
Adam Houge
Adam Houge Il y a mois
Nice forest management it’s not global warming
Leonardo Paone
Leonardo Paone Il y a mois
Checklist, checklist, and checklist.
Mountain Man
Mountain Man Il y a mois
I guess you know what your smoke was now...
ZOANOM Il y a mois
The knock is a rod or crankshaft bearing that is worn through by oil starvation.
James Stuart
James Stuart Il y a mois
The voyage of the USS Holdmybeer
Stanley Banks
Stanley Banks Il y a mois
I dont know here the oil went... In the bilge pumped into the ocean
Jack Swisher
Jack Swisher Il y a 2 mois
Good video, I enjoyed it. A pre-trip and post-trip inspection is standard for any serious boater: check fluids, hoses, gauges. Then fix the broken items before making the next trip. It can prevent sudden "surprises" and save time and money. Thanks for showing us an example of what can go wrong.
Simon Baker
Simon Baker Il y a 2 mois
Can't steer on one engine? Does this boat not have rudders? I realize it won't be as maneuverable, but you should be able to get down a river, then maybe get a dingy to help turn it into the slip.
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz Il y a 2 mois
Worst feeling ever .been there
Walter Shumate
Walter Shumate Il y a 2 mois
Look how much s*** those traitors and lit on fire... somebody get me the anchor line. we're hanging these pukes!!
ole mariner
ole mariner Il y a 2 mois
I gotta ask, did you check the oil stick on both engines before you left the dock?
Bob Weglin
Bob Weglin Il y a 2 mois
Elco electric motors, Solar cells, Lithium batteries, Vertical axis wind turbine ( VAWT ), Shore power charging capabilities. (Click the Link)
from shit
from shit Il y a 2 mois
Where you get the money to do this?
cerberus Il y a 2 mois
time stamp 16;15 for the big boom
Jim Rudloff
Jim Rudloff Il y a 2 mois
Your camera skills need work. Remember, our eyes adjust much much faster than a camera. SLOW DOWN. You make us Dizzy moving the cam so fast.
Jeremy Espeseth
Jeremy Espeseth Il y a 2 mois
Dual Cummins 12bt’s
scott stribling
scott stribling Il y a 3 mois
That was the USS McCampbell DDG85. Departed Japan on July 2nd to come to Portland for a 17 month Modernization Refit.
Matthew Throup
Matthew Throup Il y a 3 mois
Stick with boating and ditch the hair transplants wtf 🤬 I like your boat btw 👍
Austin Jordan
Austin Jordan Il y a 3 mois
I’m In the Navy and yeah they are cool to see but they suck to work on lol! I’m a GSM which is a Gas turbine mechanic.
Dave McInerney
Dave McInerney Il y a 3 mois
I used to watch B is for build every episode.... Now this is terrible .... clueless
David Bar
David Bar Il y a 3 mois
DDG 85 the USS Campbell
Vinsons Il y a 3 mois
No one talking about the pretty red head. ❤️
Wes Il y a 3 mois
"...a body of water the size of France..." In order for that to have any meaning whatsoever, I'd need to know France's depth.
Jerry Anstey
Jerry Anstey Il y a 3 mois
Allways check your oil every time you fuel !
fakiirification Il y a 3 mois
B is for Bankrupted by Boat.
Carl C
Carl C Il y a 3 mois
Convert it to an electric motor drive.
jonathan murray
jonathan murray Il y a 3 mois
If you were to stay diesel I would turn crank replace bearing waterpum p and rings and full gdkt set rebuild heads not bad but I'd do it myself because the cheapest rought
Mark M Jones
Mark M Jones Il y a 3 mois
Brandon Il y a 3 mois
Its so bad ass im a commercial shrimper out of Astoria an we use the same dry dock an shit as you guys did
Skipper Richman
Skipper Richman Il y a 3 mois
maybe you should rename the boat Minno?
Chris Barr
Chris Barr Il y a 3 mois
Do a diesel electric swap. Electric charged from diesel power. You already have one engine
eloyex Il y a 3 mois
ok ... let me unsubscribe from this thing ... i like boats, and this is a lost of time and energy ... I though i was to see and learn something here, as I am an old mariner having all kind of boats along 40 years ... but this stupidity this dork is doing to a riva is similar to see am engine swap on a Bugatti with a chevy .... totally damaging a wonderful boat ... " i am feeling better working with a gas engine". ...... what a lame comment ......
dbc105 Il y a 3 mois
That's what happens when your turbo seal is sucking oil and you have a disabled oil level alarm or shut down.
Spiro Il y a 3 mois
Did you guys say hi to Antifa and take a shit in public while in Portland?? Heard its the thing to do out there.
John Barron
John Barron Il y a 3 mois
That’s so cool!!
jieff lerenard
jieff lerenard Il y a 3 mois
Gas was like free in Lanbo days.
Al Melling
Al Melling Il y a 3 mois
The engine ate is own oil, if you carry on it will do it again.
Richard Hybels
Richard Hybels Il y a 3 mois
$40-50 grand and you should be in business.
Brian Ko
Brian Ko Il y a 3 mois
You keep saying YACHT, when will we see it?? Il y a 3 mois
You cant make a boat go faster by changing motor, speed is the relationship between length in water simple formula: hull speed in knots equals 1.34 times the square root of the waterline length in feet (HS = 1.34 x √LWL) Your boat will become very unstable if you force the speed.
jieff lerenard
jieff lerenard Il y a 3 mois
It is hull speed ! Totally irrelevant in a speed boat. beside your formula is not the right one for this shape of boat (wide transom assume the rest of the boat is still there ,aka modern Maxi sailboats.
Sweet Bush Studio Channel
Sweet Bush Studio Channel Il y a 3 mois
Which Garmin model are you using?
David D
David D Il y a 3 mois
Boats don't park, they dock.
clear lake
clear lake Il y a 3 mois
Do not disregard basic multiple mechanical critical common sense items. To kill a Cummins takes effort and simple neglect. Like run it without oil. Fix your oil pressure gauge problem before you blast off like someone from the city of Portland that is used to driving their inherited parents Prius. Also it pays to check your oil level in the engine before use, accurately. Confirm the engine has the correct volume of oil, do not trust the dip stick unless you calibrated it. Stop and check the oil level during the work day. Run a oil temp gauge as well. Especially if you have an oil pressure gauge that is not working, and you are not familiar with those particular motors. We have those 903 series cummins motors that run like new, do not smoke or burn oil, and have 23400 hours on them.
Bill Allen
Bill Allen Il y a 3 mois Gas dose not last! If you have more more $$$$$ then you should have then go gas and rebuild and rebuild and rebuild! 50mph 65 footer Diesel "" Rebuild the F***king Cummins!
Daddy FIX IT
Daddy FIX IT Il y a 3 mois
Bars are like the Bermuda Triangle it always goes wrong on or near them. Take a tender with a good engine always handy to tow the big boat or to manoeuvre it. Always have a a b c d e plan 👍👍👍
Bill Callahan
Bill Callahan Il y a 4 mois
I rarely give anyone a thumbs down but this wa all talk.
Cold Beer
Cold Beer Il y a 4 mois
"My ice cream has no oil pressure" - Joe Biden
Hoot Owl
Hoot Owl Il y a 3 mois
'My economy was built on massive debt coming from the gift of tax cuts to the super rich.' - Donald Trump
Adrian Sowden
Adrian Sowden Il y a 4 mois
Hi the boat is capable to drive ,dock,and steer with one engine.when a engine is that bad it should not be started at all,a cummins engine will do 5,000 hours with oil and 5 mins with out oil at least you got to dry land thank god, mess with the sea and it will one day kill you,all the best and happy boating adrian uk .
Charles Marik
Charles Marik Il y a 4 mois
Are those 903's ??? Turbo blowing the oil out exhaust.....Bad turbo
Steve Il y a 4 mois
I am so sick of guys wearing their hats backward.
John Hampson
John Hampson Il y a 4 mois
Skipped through this video in about ten steps. Didn't see a disaster anywhere.
William Markle
William Markle Il y a 4 mois
wow,,, there is a Ka- knonk
networkbits Il y a 4 mois
What a complete and utter moron....I'm out!
Allen Inks
Allen Inks Il y a 4 mois
Am I the only one who was reminded of Mr Toad? Sorry, but...running engine with pressure gauge that doesn't work?
Toniche Cavalari
Toniche Cavalari Il y a 4 mois
Thumbnail has nothing to do with this video
Likeitornotbut Il y a 4 mois
Bafunary 101
Max Il y a 4 mois
This guy is a f ing idiot and a clown. Insert your knee pad wearing comments here >>>
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