Surprising Chelsea with her Dream Car For Christmas 🎄

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B is for Build

Il y a 2 mois

In today's epsiode we bought a 2015 Jeep Cherokee and rebuilt it in 7 days to surprise Chelsea for Christmas 🎄
Huge thanks to the sponsors that made this build special.
Cascadia Vehicle Tents:
Konig Wheels:
Nitto Tires:
Rough Country:
Exact wheel and tire specs to come. (sorry im late for christmas)
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Pontus Olin
Pontus Olin Il y a 2 jours
Death trap, false sense of safety...
marcinsud Il y a 9 jours
why you put body filler without primer first?
Nicole Cox
Nicole Cox Il y a 9 jours
I have a Cherokee latitude! Definitely the nicest car I’ve ever driven!
Justin Foy
Justin Foy Il y a 13 jours
RC makes probably either the worst or second worse quality 'lift' for these things. Its actually only a level kit. The tires will rub through out the driving cycles. Yo will need to do a pinch weld mod and fender liner remold. Also, if you want it safe, please add the MFC OEM+ HID upgrade to the headlights. Adding the bullbar completely negates the lift you put on it, as it hangs well below the vehicle. That tent on the factory rails will probably be over weight as well. Rocky Road outfitters makes a better system that can actually supply more weight rating. Just things to know.
Steven R
Steven R Il y a 14 jours
Ayyyy Hillsboro top golf, live like 5 mins from there
Portland Royal Pythons
Portland Royal Pythons Il y a 14 jours
Damn I want one of those tents for my truck.
CMDR SVT Il y a 14 jours
you can tell is a trophy wife cuz the first thing she does is run to the new jeep instead of being greatful to the guy
JA CA Il y a 15 jours
You bought Shaniqua's car.
Pro Player Uk
Pro Player Uk Il y a 15 jours
The reason for the aftermarket horn is a drug dealers signal on arrival so he or she can't be mistaken for anyone else like the FEDS 🚓
Michael Pettit
Michael Pettit Il y a 20 jours
What’s going on with the Boat
ALEX-SAY10 Il y a 28 jours
Why not remove the license plate bracket, you don’t need it, just the holes on the bumper. That confuses me
edward sage
edward sage Il y a mois
He owns her now...
FierceMotorworks Il y a mois
Thank you for showing the suspension in the video. It was very helpful in confirming some internet research I've done for a future project
Nick Bentley
Nick Bentley Il y a mois
* Big man points in chat *
PjStarTV Il y a mois
Wait ..... you bought something on Wish that wasn't a scam and/or a complete waste of money?!? I'm shocked!
C L Il y a mois
B is for Beta
BetioBastardDoc Il y a mois
Meth pipe time with Chris.
Rabico Il y a mois
I really liked you commentin what you did in the time lapse.. maybe you can du it more often
Slick Mike
Slick Mike Il y a mois
dream car? low expectations for real
Michael Gruber
Michael Gruber Il y a mois
Don't recommend not putting all the safety features back in. If you do get in an accident and your insurance company finds out they will not payout.
Keenan Laws
Keenan Laws Il y a mois
You can also measure resistance of airbag on other side and just use a resistor it will save time and money on buying those emulators...
Masen Il y a mois
Good idea going with the v6. Those 2.4l are ticking time bombs.
Chris Bradshaw
Chris Bradshaw Il y a mois
Please reinstate the whole airbag system. It is important
caleb mullen
caleb mullen Il y a mois
you should get her a uris next with a ski box
Joe Maddox
Joe Maddox Il y a mois
A car guy's lady wants a new Jeep...? Lol.
Rhys Antal
Rhys Antal Il y a mois
rough country is gey
Jerjor96 Il y a mois
@Rhys Antal Yeah!
Rhys Antal
Rhys Antal Il y a mois
Racerx Il y a mois
It only takes 2 inches to clear the knobbies
MexicanBeanRoller Il y a mois
what auction sites to you use? are they Copart or others?
Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn Il y a mois
Lol she didn't have that much to say! Awesome job, it looks sweet.
Abteilol Il y a mois
while very late to mention it, unknown or old drugs should NOT BE DISPOSED with the normal house trash but brought to a pharmacy so they will expose them properly.
Eamonn O'Connor
Eamonn O'Connor Il y a mois
Guaranteed she only got you socks! :)
Charles Seymour
Charles Seymour Il y a mois
Any mans fab shop... Happy birthday.
Fitz Simon Sanchez
Fitz Simon Sanchez Il y a mois
lol crack pipe...
Steven Schmidt
Steven Schmidt Il y a mois
I like how seeing Chelsea happy makes me happy. Nice thing you did!
DukeSky Il y a mois
How much for the pills........just kidding...
Tristan Hipps
Tristan Hipps Il y a mois
super mall crawler with that Roof top tent
Ryan Bergeson
Ryan Bergeson Il y a mois
Pretty good tires.. until you hear them at highway speed... yikes!
bogginyota Il y a mois
Where's the boat action??
MAXI KING Il y a mois
That car is so ugly tbh
LoveALL Il y a mois
Hello when are you going to get back to the boat build.
Ed Verstegen
Ed Verstegen Il y a mois
Next eppisode - Chelsea moved out! Hahah Great Work!
Eh Holden
Eh Holden Il y a mois
Its a Jeep not reliable at all and If you like someone you won't buy them one
V10 Madness
V10 Madness Il y a mois
Sellll me the M5!!!!!
Enoch Gooch
Enoch Gooch Il y a mois
Next video from Chrisfix The Right Way to Clean a Headliner.
Tyler Russell
Tyler Russell Il y a mois
When you added the 265/65/17, did you run into any issues ?
Christopher Harbon
Christopher Harbon Il y a mois
That is nice 👌
Safeer Muhammed
Safeer Muhammed Il y a mois
Joe Tjoep
Joe Tjoep Il y a mois
I'll bet you tried the rooftop tent at night.
Cody Munson
Cody Munson Il y a mois
A couple parts were edited in twice. We've ran out of space for the tent and stitching the seat.
Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward Il y a mois
Huge fan of the soundtrack this episode ! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Kenneth Pringle
Kenneth Pringle Il y a mois
my brother, you have a good warm heart, God bless you and your loved ones....Amen
_Mustang_Loveer _
_Mustang_Loveer _ Il y a mois
The pill looks like Xanax bar
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas Il y a mois
Send the pills to Cody’sLab he will figure out what it
DanG777 Il y a mois
Where's the Supra build???????
Daniel Willliams
Daniel Willliams Il y a mois
You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could do something like that for my wife! Again - you rock!
God Is good
God Is good Il y a mois
Hate to be a hater these look like crap lifted
B Trusty
B Trusty Il y a mois
Chris: I installed a lift kit, knobby wheels, a light bar, and a prototype tent that isn't even out yet Chelsea: JEEP!
Superrune23 Il y a mois
Wheres the gray supra?
Jacob Boling
Jacob Boling Il y a mois
Happy new year,where's the 2021 content. Watching old builds right now. Hows the lotus?
david quinn
david quinn Il y a mois
You should definitely build yourself a bigger shed to work in to keep you outta the rain when your doing other projects.
Janis Rocans
Janis Rocans Il y a mois
Fix all airbags just if you decide to sell the car or give it to someone else for a ride.
Deserted Forrest
Deserted Forrest Il y a mois
Is there a boat update how’s the engines coming along
F A Il y a mois
Helluva Xmas present, all deserved. Nice work, thanks for letting us in on it. Best of luck with it Chelsea!!
Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony Il y a mois
Cutest reaction ever!
lex van kooten
lex van kooten Il y a mois
Michael Malmstein
Michael Malmstein Il y a mois
Dude, she's going to be your wife... Replace the seats. The more air bags the better. If you're lack of repairs caused her harm you might not ever recover from the guilt. And she might not recover from the harm that could be caused. Better safe than sorry.
Jeff Kumler
Jeff Kumler Il y a mois
So disappointed... I was waiting for her reaction to a horn test.
TheSchmiz Il y a mois
Chelsea with the Dab Pen we love to see it
Anders Schrøder
Anders Schrøder Il y a mois
Cool Airbag delete, u really shoud order new ones, in a daily driver.
Mario connect
Mario connect Il y a mois
So many talk able reliability forgetting B is for build is a mechanic 🤷🏽‍♂️
Richard R
Richard R Il y a mois
Gotta pour a small concrete pad.. working in the dirt sucks! And isnt the safest when raising a vehicle. Hope she loves the suv.
J. Binion
J. Binion Il y a mois Should have just smoked those pills out of that crack pipe and see what happens...
sxmolin Il y a mois
Great build!
Ken Uber
Ken Uber Il y a mois 43:33 using sticky roller to get dog hair off her ass.!!! LoL
Jason 328D
Jason 328D Il y a mois
Meth pipe and molly pills. 100% . crack pipes don’t have the bulb at the end. Molly goes hand in hand with meth.
Infris Il y a mois
Pretty sure you can get a Ignition switch that you just plug into the ignition to make it into a keyless ignition
Ding Dong Drift
Ding Dong Drift Il y a mois
Lol reliable... Jeep
Upstate_JDMBugeye Il y a mois
Not that I condone disabling the seat belts and not replacing the seat airbags (as a crash test technician by trade). But it’s funny how many people commenting probably only have single stage seat belt pretensioners and no seat airbags and have no idea lol. Not to mention all of you people that run quick release steering wheels with 3 point factory seat belts in your 90s Honda’s 🤷🏻‍♂️
That Jim Dude
That Jim Dude Il y a mois
Is this the first video with a double scene? the "Ran out of space" Bit with the tent and testing it. 39:24ish. proof that we are living in a matrix.
Pimped Mobility Project
Pimped Mobility Project Il y a mois
New subscriber here and can I just say, Chelsea is gorgeous lol. Love her hair 👍
John Elias
John Elias Il y a mois
They total theft cars for meth fumes. Might want to get a dealer to test for that
Travisimo Il y a mois
build a bigger garage, life would be SOOO much easier!
joe dirt
joe dirt Il y a mois
"uninstall"?? WTF
ProjectZGarage Il y a mois
The Ford headliner cleaner works great. I use it on all my cars and get rid of the dirty hand prints.
Kenny Mustread
Kenny Mustread Il y a mois
I like how the video repeated when you opened the roof tent thingy
David None
David None Il y a mois
Update on the Boat be nice
Yeni Guevara
Yeni Guevara Il y a mois
Guys I don’t think she liked it 😂
MonsterSound Il y a mois
replace those seat airbags
Kasey D
Kasey D Il y a mois
Meth pipe and molly lmao
Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent Il y a mois
My girlfriend has a 2015 cherokee trailhawk and she loves it im sure Chelsea will love hers
Ali Ax
Ali Ax Il y a mois
You should use degreaser on any interior parts you want to clean sounds funny but works like a dream
Jim Nardone
Jim Nardone Il y a mois
Love the 1 episode build and finish.
Timothy Moore
Timothy Moore Il y a mois
Didn't she wreck the beemer? Just leave that shit dented.
manganvbg90 Il y a mois
I thought she already had her dream car, the white M5
Made YouLook
Made YouLook Il y a mois
All safety measures need to be factor spec , don’t cheap out on your wife bro.
Cory Rowe
Cory Rowe Il y a mois
Thinking about doing this to my wife’s Jeep. What size of rims did you use. Also what size of wheel spacers did you put on?
simon cl
simon cl Il y a mois
allan rickard
allan rickard Il y a mois
Chelsea does not listen to rap and hate music and you should not either
Jacob Stofmeel
Jacob Stofmeel Il y a mois
That's a nudge bar not a bull bar, that thing ain't protecting you against nothing really lol, iv seen many cars written off from hitting a kangaroo and smaller with just a nudge bar.
Jeff Schmitt
Jeff Schmitt Il y a mois
Her reaction was so great!
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