Tesla Powering my 30yr Old Italian Yacht? And Broken Diesel Engine Diagnostics

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B is for Build

Il y a 5 mois

In today's episode we're checking out the hurt diesel engine, and talking about new engine options. Check out SimpliSafe here: simplisafe.com/bisforbuild. SimpliSafe is award -winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It's really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts.
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Nestor Lugo
Nestor Lugo Il y a jour
4 kseries engines running on cng
Joe Sutherland
Joe Sutherland Il y a 2 jours
"B" is for "boy did you step in it when you bought this boat". Anything but a rebuild on existing engines would be complete insanity. 750k price tag new and it brings 42k in the sale used? Roughly 5% of the new price.....You'd see me running the other way, fast. Did he even do a survey on the boat pre-purchase?
Samuel Mayhew
Samuel Mayhew Il y a 4 jours
Rebuild for sure. They will be less problematic in the long run. Seen multiple diesels with 40,000+ hrs on them with not a lot of issues other than common things such as injectors and obviously fluid changes and little things. Like you said they are made to keep a constant rpm while delivering peak torque/hp.
Alexandre Martel
Alexandre Martel Il y a 4 jours
are you all crazy ? Go TESLA POWER ! and put 4 battery packs in there
Brent Nelson
Brent Nelson Il y a 7 jours
Did the math and the Tesla packs will get you over 90 minutes of power at 25mph. Easily. And there is no reason that you couldn’t put 4 packs in that boat. The weight would be fine.
Ryan Barr
Ryan Barr Il y a 12 jours
That's a lot of power for that boat. Semi truck run same engine pulling 80,000 lbs. You have 2 semi engines.
batdowg Il y a 17 jours
On the Electric range - you're considering ICE engines and electric motors as the same efficiency. "Conventional gasoline vehicles only convert about 17%-21% of the energy stored in gasoline to power at the wheels. An electric motor typically is between 85% and 90% efficient." That's why they use MPGe as a measure.
Bob Texan
Bob Texan Il y a 20 jours
lol, noob non boaters trying to cheap it out in the marine industry. Thats a good one. .... keep what you have, rebuild them.
Highway Star
Highway Star Il y a 22 jours
If you are budgeting stick to the engines you have. You will have known reliability. If you swap for anything else you will be spending a lot of time troubleshooting and modifications. The ocean in not a place to experiment.
Derek Wilder
Derek Wilder Il y a 25 jours
Quad turbo Twin LS motors
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Il y a 26 jours
Dude, stick with your diesels, have them rebuilt. Those are excellent engines.
christopher stimpson
christopher stimpson Il y a mois
Most diesels have an auto shut-off if oil pressure is low. I would install that and new gauges.
sol star
sol star Il y a mois
Speed man !✔️
bienvenido jose Jorajuria
bienvenido jose Jorajuria Il y a mois
The concept of weight over power package stay with diesel
G Andersson
G Andersson Il y a mois
Did you seal off the crankcase vents? Didn’t see any return line from your catchcan.
Tshasta4449 Il y a mois
The problem when converting to a totally different power system is you would have to replace the transmissions also, that diesel is designed to run about 2100 to maybe 2300 rpm max. Gas is totally different. Fuel economy is vastly better with diesel, plus safety issues are critical, ie. gas vapor explosion is not uncommon in boats. Stick with the diesels
Caroline Douthwaite
Caroline Douthwaite Il y a mois
Ev conversion sounds best, but you need a kick ass generator and double or triple the battery storage.
Ricardo Smythe
Ricardo Smythe Il y a mois
Diesel/electric motors with the option to run either independantly or both together
Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson Il y a mois
And displacements along time if you really look at gasoline got a look at the annual maintenance about every 3 to 4 years ago to replace exhaust manifolds risers all of that into the least 1500 to $2000 per engine each time he exchangers they go bad about every 10 years there anywhere from 1215 $100 appease a diesel has a whole lot less maintenance you clean everything you change the oil the exhaust riser you take in your boiled out you may have to reach a change it periodically every 5 to 10 years and there a lot less money Ono a diesel is less expensive to maintain and Yuri seo value is exponentially more
EV power Сергей Голиков
EV power Сергей Голиков Il y a mois
electric boat frfix.info/news/gJ_CuZWsmIOBk5g/vid-o
Bela Szabo
Bela Szabo Il y a mois
Tesla make the future today ..so .....GO Electric !!!!
Carl ahrens
Carl ahrens Il y a 2 mois
What about electric motor and solar panels on the deck
Jacob Reuss Christensen
Jacob Reuss Christensen Il y a 2 mois
Throw on a big ass gasoline generator for the battery pack! Maybe couple that with a solar roof and you will achieve some decent range -and all the other advantages...
Stephen Waterman
Stephen Waterman Il y a 2 mois
pretty sure Diesel has badass stand-alone ECU's?
Kenneth Crickmore
Kenneth Crickmore Il y a 2 mois
Depending on fuel efficiency and fuel prices you may be better off staying with the diesel engines repair of rebuild they are at least reliable when in good running order and the boat was designed for them in the first place and safer as far as fire safety is concerned since diesel has a higher flash point than gasoline and the change over to gas entails more modifications than you may think.not just the tank and fuel lines but other electrical additions as well as fire suppression system you may want to include .for safety you know ..just in case because a fire on a boat in the water and/or in the middle of nowhere is no joke..the other equipement that needs replacement or upgrading are just as important. I live in Fl. and boating is one of the number one things here and boating safety is a legal thing all over the world. navagation lights are juust the tip of the proverbial Ice Berg. thyat boet is "{a big hole in the water that you throw money into never to get it back,,,,GOOD LUCK!!
Ari Jordan
Ari Jordan Il y a 2 mois
Why not build a HYBRID...
Strong Park
Strong Park Il y a 2 mois
2006 dodge Cummings basically bullet proof and lots of Power
Archaic_Burrito Il y a 2 mois
Ok so why replace 2 diesel "truck" engines with 2 electric/petrol "car" motors? 2 Electric bus motors and and 400kwh storage would be ideal. The Tesla semi truck would be an ideal donor for range and speed.
Evan Marrs
Evan Marrs Il y a 2 mois
Diesel, but a pair of Detroit 12V71’s
Dennis Jeppsson
Dennis Jeppsson Il y a 2 mois
What would be possible in the hybrid world, i'm thinking like electric for slow cruising with the possibility to use gas or diesel for higher speeds or range... just a thaught ..
Dm Details
Dm Details Il y a 2 mois
B is for boat is back baby
Gregg F000000
Gregg F000000 Il y a 2 mois
The new drive motors on a model S put out over 1100 FTlbs of torque measured on a dyno.
The Skid Show
The Skid Show Il y a 3 mois
Twin JZ's would have been wild
Robert Laird
Robert Laird Il y a 3 mois
Diesel for sure
Cristoffer NorBmw
Cristoffer NorBmw Il y a 3 mois
Make a hybrid disel
dchase20 Il y a 3 mois
For electirc: Can you solar charge? For rebuilding current engines: can you go bigger and badder power levels? Turbo Upgrade it!
dchase20 Il y a 3 mois
Please God use Texas Speed! (They are like 40 minutes from me lol and they are bad ass as you well know)
J Morgan
J Morgan Il y a 3 mois
Sounds like a nice blue sky idea
Jason Davies
Jason Davies Il y a 3 mois
Cummins engines are the dogs danglies. I think you've been a bit unlucky if you've popped the head gasket. Just have it rebuilt, get it back in the water and thrash it! If you wanna tinker, get rid of that horrible red hull!!
Bill M
Bill M Il y a 3 mois
Hauling that much gasoline on you boat turns that tank storage into a bomb if there was a leak. Stay Diesel. You have the Diesel motors already, and that keeps your classic boat a “classic.”. They are essentially maintenance free. I had a 453 Naturally aspirated Detroit Diesel in a 69 Ford truck. We carried 170 gallons of Diesel fuel. I inherited it when my Dad died. What a beast! if you have “off-road” Diesel powered equipment in your shop, you can get Diesel without road tax, it would be pretty cheap. I used to get 55 gallon drums filled, and fueled my “equipment” from the Drums. I also used Chevron 30Wt Delo oil for my oil changes, which I bought in five gallon cans. You must do your oil changes regularly, as well as a fuel filter and a water fuel filter as well as an oil filter for those frequent oil changes. Again, I vote and recommend keeping it Diesel.
mz daily fan page
mz daily fan page Il y a 3 mois
Gas 4 turbos on a boat would be roudy
Scott Piette
Scott Piette Il y a 3 mois
Engine rebuild...
Joel Bowie
Joel Bowie Il y a 3 mois
I know this late but putting gas engines in that boat will reduce the resale value to almost nothing. I suggest you call Seaboard Marine in Oxnard, CA. They are experts on marine repowering and they can answer any questions you have, especially performance issues and prop sizing. Cummins has a number of reman enigines you might consider.
Tim Murphy
Tim Murphy Il y a 3 mois
Pratt & Whitney PT6A ....Low maintenance, fuel efficient, High PowertoWeight ratio...need I go on?
kevyn terry
kevyn terry Il y a 3 mois
Nothing was wrong with the Cummins you had , Just remember to check your oil every time you put Diesel in the boat !
Raymond Bigger
Raymond Bigger Il y a 3 mois
Replace with smaller newer diesels.
mack man
mack man Il y a 3 mois
Put in electric engines along with the batteries. Then on top of that, put in Generators that can run on diesel that can run the engines at 80% load when you need to go fast. Best of both worlds. Cheap range when you want to go slow, Not so cheap range when you want to go fast. Also, with diesel this setup, your range should be about the same as with nothing but diesel engines.
Charles Seymour
Charles Seymour Il y a 3 mois
Best solution is to rebuild starboard engine and test the port engine.
Ed Carden
Ed Carden Il y a 3 mois
I'm gonna vote for Deboss Garage collaboration before I get to next episode and find out what happened
Anthony Silverstein
Anthony Silverstein Il y a 3 mois
Stopped watching once you spoke about 454s
Justin Frodsham
Justin Frodsham Il y a 3 mois
You need diesel auxiliary power plant as a backup for your batteries. Insurance. Never stranded.
Mystic Wolf
Mystic Wolf Il y a 3 mois
Stay with diesel it is actually more efficient for boats, it has more power, you have longer range, and those engines will go forever as long as you have fuel. Seen a Riva with das engines and yeah it had speed but it went through 300 gals in less than 15 hours, the vessel I was on we had 200 gals and went from long Beach ca, down Ensenada and back to san deigo the gas engines are also more flammable than the diesel, you would need to put blowers in the engine compartment to clear the fumes out.
Lynn Baum
Lynn Baum Il y a 3 mois
Yanmars hands down , you’ll never regret
Tom Summers
Tom Summers Il y a 3 mois
The ICE age is over. It’s been way over for diesel and way way over for gas, for awhile now. Many folks are converting worn out cabin cruisers to electric, but I have not heard of anyone crazy enough to try it on a planing hull. Good luck.
jay son
jay son Il y a 4 mois
sorry bud,,, you need to watch your first video on your boat venture..... you said we buy projects and make them worth more,,,,, basically. watch your first vid and see what you said. dont bastardize that nice vessel and put gas junk ls power,,, get a couple 6bta cummins mills and raise the value on that boat
David Opperman
David Opperman Il y a 4 mois
FYI there is no Z in dieSel
Al Levy
Al Levy Il y a 4 mois
Been boating a long time including at one time owning a propeller shop. My take on your situation would be to buy either new Cummins motors or Mann motors, lighter, more torque. Advantage much less maintenance than gas, and much more dependable.
stewart crowe
stewart crowe Il y a 4 mois
that " backfire" you mentioned was probably a crankcase explosion caused by oil mist ignited by bearings runing red hot, The excess crankcase pressure created was relieved by blowing the rocker cover gasket and the oil fill cap
J Griff
J Griff Il y a 4 mois
What would be the cost to go Deere?
Tyrel Granger
Tyrel Granger Il y a 4 mois
B is for build, more like D is for dumbass, because only a dumbass would put a gas in a 30ft yacht
ldimillo19 Il y a 4 mois
you're crazy if you go gas
Chazzy B
Chazzy B Il y a 4 mois
I once or twice went on a (sailing) yacht on auto-steer out of Nice, France, eastwards. The trip had all the excitement and interest of being on one of those kids rides at the fair with old style cars on a track. Way to make your life boring (a truly cruel fate for a Riva), which is "Born to Run". And I get you are not doing that. Your boat - your game. Should be fun. If they were designed to be diesel stick with it (I would - you wouldn't), then by all means upgrade the electrics and controls. Automate the hell out of it, but remain in control. Recondition your engines now and you have fun for a lifetime, and if Riva isn't Italian for fun, I don't know what is. Have fun, I'll be enjoying it too.
Ian Charlton
Ian Charlton Il y a 4 mois
Stick with Cummins... overhaul both, new pumps, belts, bearings, injectors, turbos.... fit modern monitoring including CCTV in the engine space.... get the props refurbished/polished.... go chew some water 🙂🇬🇧
Steve H
Steve H Il y a 4 mois
My vote is the Tesla engines. How much space would the electric system take to install VS. the gas engine setup? Could you add a solar panel charging system? Also check out the new battery packs that Tesla is making
trekOCLVone Il y a 4 mois
Just fix the engine !
Gas on a boat not to safe ! 🇺🇸
Alex Jeffs
Alex Jeffs Il y a 4 mois
Do one electric and one fuel ?
Liveaboards of the Poor and Obscure
Liveaboards of the Poor and Obscure Il y a 4 mois
Diesel is cool and good and superior for marine use.
Theis124 Il y a 4 mois
If the rebuild will cost more than switching too gas then just go gas. Unless you plan on taking long mile trips then just rebuild the diesels
Eshootzi Scrs
Eshootzi Scrs Il y a 4 mois
Look into Diesel brothers, diesel tuners. Guys drag race diesels, there are tons of mods and software options. They are the original fuel injection engines.
David STOKES Il y a 4 mois
Petrol (gas to you blokes) has a nasty habit of exploding and burning boats to the waterline. Unless you're moored or close to land this can be a problem.
redline Il y a 4 mois
Rebuild not a question.
D S Il y a 4 mois
Here you go. You need four 600hp electric crate motors and pickup a large battery pack. www.carscoops.com/2020/10/electrify-your-muscle-car-with-this-600-hp-tesla-electric-crate-motor/
Michael Perry
Michael Perry Il y a 4 mois
Diesel, rebuild both of them.
Bt Farrell
Bt Farrell Il y a 4 mois
Why not keep the good Diesel and add a Tesla for the second motor and hook a huge alternator to the Diesel? Could you keep the Tesla battery charged and keep the motor output roughly equal to the diesel?
Casey West
Casey West Il y a 4 mois
The Tesla electric power system would be better for a smaller boat that was for fun and weighed less, as far as that goes the Texas speed engine or rebuilding the diesels better and badder I think is the best bet, more reliable and stronger! Plus you already own them just build them bullet proof and badass
golfnut Il y a 4 mois
rebuild the diesels, you have a solid foundation, stick with it
Don Smiley
Don Smiley Il y a 4 mois
diesel-diesel-diesel.......thats a heavy-performance boat.If you want performance reliability and economy.....its DIESEL..all the best
Mike Rivera JR
Mike Rivera JR Il y a 4 mois
1000hp 2jz
zasde35 Il y a 4 mois
No question rebuild the diesel engines . Better technical and economical . Furthermore the petrol engines will be a lot lighter you change the balance of this boat his behind will be high in the water !
Ryan Schaper
Ryan Schaper Il y a 4 mois
Speed with horsepower with a boat is a tricky game it has alot to do with haul design.
globenstine 1
globenstine 1 Il y a 4 mois
interesting tidbit. they also put cummins 903s in the Bradley fighting vehicle. (which is a tank if you didnt know)
mark perrins
mark perrins Il y a 4 mois
We run a D4 in our boat. Single engine boat. Gota go deisel man. 39knotts 55 ltrs per hour at our comfortable cruising speed around 23-25 knots 35-40 ltrs per hour. If you can get hold of a pair of KAD44 be great or a pair of AD40’s. Reconditioned be the way forward. The AD models are basically tractor engines. No complicated engine diagnostics. Love the videos.
Nevertrustalawyer Il y a 4 mois
The two best days in a boat owners life are: 1). The day you buy the boat and, 2). The day you sell it. It’s an old boat, take it out and sink it and swim away!
Robert Banks
Robert Banks Il y a 4 mois
Instead of a Tesla, save your money and just buy an anchor. There is only two good days in a boat owners life. The day he buys it and the day he sells it. Hope you have a fat wallet.
Robert B
Robert B Il y a 4 mois
your best way and all the way round and what i would do is remove both Engines and have them both rebuilt then put then back in your boat diesel is way better then a gas Engines for that size of boat you have. diesel Engines will last a lot longer then gas and diesel is cheaper to run . so what ever you do say with a diesel Engines .
c D
c D Il y a 4 mois
Tesla has amazing torque, and affords regenerative power, though not much regen, Its the best motor so far. But I would repair the diesels.
Tx240 Il y a 4 mois
Batteries + salt water sounds like an exciting experiment.
Nayo Tawken
Nayo Tawken Il y a 4 mois
Gas on a boat is really dangerous. explosively. fumes drop to the sealed bilge, not to open air under a car.
George Griffith
George Griffith Il y a 4 mois
Apparently they can break
Ted Kidd
Ted Kidd Il y a 4 mois
12:40 other options... 18:30 battery would be a range problem. 20:40 you got the math quicker than I did. You'd need hydrofoils You'd need a powerful dc genset too. 100kw maybe?
johnnypk1963 Il y a 4 mois
What abt weight issues, in terms of how the boat sits in the water and how in moves, if u swap engines? That boat was designed w the weight of those heavy Cummings engines.
Vroom ZOOM
Vroom ZOOM Il y a 4 mois
DO NOT put a car engine in it. It will get FRIED FAST. Those engines run full power for a long time. Try driving your LS for 2 hours down the highway near redline. It will blow fast. Second, the car engines don't make enough torque to get that boat out of the hole, because the cam needs to be changed and a whole ton of other things. Leaving the car engine core plugs and steel head gaskets in salt water will kill them pretty fast, also the cam needs to be an anti reversion cam, regular car cams will pull water from the exhaust and hydrolock the engine in a blink of an eye. Also aluminum car engines don't last very long in a corrosive marine environment. Would also need a swap of all ignition parts, need a different fuel and timing map. that cummins may not make a lot of hp, but the torque is huge, which is what you need to get that boat out of the hole. In my opinion the best would be switching to the newer QSB series engines.
belledetector Il y a 4 mois
Stick to diesel - Rebuild BOTH engines - Tune your engine management and turbo setup - Refit the hull with a fresh paintjob, topcoat and antifouling - Update electronics - Launch and enjoy!
Michael Morell
Michael Morell Il y a 4 mois
2 Banks powered compound diesels. 1200 to 1400 hp each. Tons and tons of torque.
matt dates
matt dates Il y a 4 mois
LS SWAP 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣
Henry Il y a 4 mois
You run a higher RPM you start running into cavitation, its why you dont do high RPM marine engines
Countryboy Il y a 4 mois
If you go with the batteries treat as a diesel submarine which uses a eng or a generator to charge the batteries while driving your boat, I'm prior Sonar Technician in the navy and I tracked a lot of them.
duffyreef Il y a 4 mois
Don't out spend your interest it is not an investment!
Matic Snoj
Matic Snoj Il y a 4 mois
Hy man, I love your vids! I like your idea! What about changing your drives to, for surface drives. That would be awesome combo with LS.
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