Installing A Manual Transmission in the Off-Road Lamborghini Huracan

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B is for Build

Il y a mois

In today's episode we install a manual transaxle in the off-road huracan.
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Mikael Karlsson
Mikael Karlsson Il y a 11 jours
Everyone needs a Oscar in their garage!
Necromancia Il y a 27 jours
7:22 i want to know what the name off that tool pls...
A1 Tanner
A1 Tanner Il y a 29 jours
You should reach out to Texas Speed and try to get one of their units in the jumpacan
Twistin' Props
Twistin' Props Il y a mois
White poster board works great for making templates. 👍
imadragonsz Il y a mois
this vid is not in the playlist, you guys should add it. great video non the less.
Jeremiah Thompson
Jeremiah Thompson Il y a mois
Cool but still not a manual Hurrican with that LS in it...just sayin.
Sam Horne
Sam Horne Il y a mois
Is nobody gonna mention the destruction of Bilstein coilovers just to make a transmission mount? Surely it's not just me?!
95zsean Il y a mois
You guys need a band-saw with all the fab work you do.. way less grinding!!! maybe a sponsor opportunity for someone!!! Love your exotic builds!
HotRodder47 Il y a mois
Smart recycling those shocks for your bushings instead of buying new
Austin Hengen
Austin Hengen Il y a mois
Love this build, but please tell me those transaxle bushings aren't permanent.
NeverLandin Il y a mois
When the Aluminum spool gun came out, everything went south..... By far some of the ugliest welds ever.
SheddingShadow Il y a mois
Everything yall touch is so far from my budget.. but.. hell... I said the same thing when you were building an Evora. It's still an awesome channel! Cheers :)
M-STANCE Il y a mois
I love Oscar
Tom Bittikoffer
Tom Bittikoffer Il y a mois
What the hell is that sponsor? You DON'T KNOW what you're getting in there. You HOPE It's useful and you pay $40 for it? Feels like an overpriced Amazon Mystery Box...
Joseph Gebre
Joseph Gebre Il y a mois
Sometimes it takes some time to see progress and this is one of those situations. I mean I know you came a long way from the start of the channel but stuf like the rear bumper... you would never have thought of that 1 or maybe 2 years ago. I applaud your growth and look forward to the bright future which lies ahead of BisforBuild.
DonOblivious Il y a mois
Ahhh, another Graziano transmission in a huracan. I wonder if this one will actually be useable by human appendages or if he's just going to half-ass it again and have **2** completely undriveable Lamborghinis?
kolim jone
kolim jone Il y a mois
Hey I love this channel so much like it makes
Spencer Mccaffery
Spencer Mccaffery Il y a mois
why cant you just put the v10 in it i know a v8 is cool but a lifted huracan with its og engine is better
the red bearded fox
the red bearded fox Il y a mois
Yo whatever happened to the single seater super car build?
A Parkes
A Parkes Il y a mois
Garage tour for 2020? What has happened to the 240?
mikey 2016
mikey 2016 Il y a mois
Would it really still be considered a huracan without the engine to boot?
kolim jone
kolim jone Il y a mois
I thought it was going to be 4x4
jeremys924 Il y a mois
you might want to put in a skid plate.
UPS MANN Il y a mois
I'm not as excited for this build, somewhere there sits a burntacan with a custom widebody kit that lacks some real world testing.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Il y a mois
I am convinced that this is going to be the most insanely bad-assed looking vehicle ever produced.
Chris Beverly
Chris Beverly Il y a mois
tomas m
tomas m Il y a mois
Whats with the supra Build ?
Dom Medis
Dom Medis Il y a mois
Seriously guys... redo those cut shock bushings with some proper dom tubing and poly bushings....
Dom Medis
Dom Medis Il y a mois
@bcvbb hyui im talking tinny dinky bushings that are not designed to take much load
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Il y a mois
Are you worried about galvanic corrosion with all of these steel and aluminum interfaces?
Dom Medis
Dom Medis Il y a mois
Love what u guys do but that trans mount is wimpy
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Il y a mois
Your music during the time lapse is the same with the hagerty channel when they doing engine rebuild. Its cool
justin santos
justin santos Il y a mois
Where’s the boat ?
mje19D Il y a mois
$20k for a 3 min ad... Not shabby
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Il y a mois
I’m from the St. Louis area and would be great to see a video of where you go to get ur engine
Gruby Garage Projekt
Gruby Garage Projekt Il y a mois
A blower type supercharger would be nice
knulen Il y a mois
Why didn't you extent the original crossmember (the one you cut open and you show at 6:49 ) more to the back and make it also act as a "bumper" for protection. You can make it detachable.
Justin Lapointe
Justin Lapointe Il y a mois
I thought it was going to be 4x4
Justin Lapointe
Justin Lapointe Il y a mois
@bouytt guyt what do you mean?
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Il y a mois
Like ??????
beautiful guy
beautiful guy Il y a mois
I just love things that I don’t understand.
mightywozza Il y a mois
He needs a plasma table !! Would save him so much time And incase you need to replace any of those brackets again
Chris Foster
Chris Foster Il y a mois
It would also make it easier to pull the engine and trans together
Chris Foster
Chris Foster Il y a mois
I know that it would have been harder but wouldn't it have been better to run the bar under the end of the trans that way you could have supported the end of the trans and added a bushing for the movements when shifting just a thought
CoMMunalBrrute43 Gaming
CoMMunalBrrute43 Gaming Il y a mois
Yo you got too many projects right now you need to finish one before you start another
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Il y a mois
New T-shirt design: a picture of Oscar and below it says "With man this is impossible, but with Oscar all things are possible"
CurtBagne Il y a mois
Are you worried about galvanic corrosion with all of these steel and aluminum interfaces?
Ray Groff
Ray Groff Il y a mois
way cool ! but what going on with the boat ??
vimorales3 Il y a mois
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Il y a mois
Should you guys not being putting captive tubes through the chassis rails so the bolts don't compress/distort them?
Jack Hoff
Jack Hoff Il y a mois
And then you realize you should have just cut off the whole rear sub frame and started from scratch because your axles hit the frame long before you reach full droop. Still not hearing a solution for the shitty gearing in the trans.
Steve Montgomery
Steve Montgomery Il y a mois
Can you post on Rumble because I am leaving Google/FRfix because of their censorship
Micah Shaeffer
Micah Shaeffer Il y a mois
Be sure to separate steel and aluminum. This car will literally destroy itself if you don't keep the metals separated and insulated from each other..
Kirk Owens
Kirk Owens Il y a mois
Well... don't think ill be supporting this channel anymore. Ridiculously annoying sponsors. Little credit to kyle and Oscar. Not sure why Oscar or Kyle don't have anything to say. I dont like hearing Chris explain other people's work. It would make for a better channel to include Oscar's input or Kyle's. If Oscar sees this. Start your own channel man! Your skills will get a lot of attention. Get the recognition you deserve!
Oscar O
Oscar O Il y a mois
Thanks for supporting the channel to begin with. Don’t get too discouraged, most of the time Kyle and I don’t have much to say. Don’t forget this is Chris’s channel and he worked very hard to get it to where it is.
penguin whisperer
penguin whisperer Il y a mois
you should make the trans axell like the sesto elemento it would look pretty cool
Achilles Toe
Achilles Toe Il y a mois
12 minutes of Bro Chad. 6 minutes of car. Well at least he said "sick" at least once. Soooooo original
Wei Chen
Wei Chen Il y a mois
LS for a lambo!?!?!? hell ya. LS swap the world :)
S M Il y a mois
How are you dealing with the galvanic corrosion reaction with the aluminum and steel?
kevinacronin Il y a mois
You mentioned how bad aluminum dust is yet Oscar wears no respiratory PPE
Shea Barrett
Shea Barrett Il y a mois
Burntacan V2 should be all-wheel-drive help put all that power to the ground
Pedro Matias
Pedro Matias Il y a mois
the car is going to be all wheel drive?
Leo Bell
Leo Bell Il y a mois
Instead of another ls manual all wheel drive vehicle build. I would like to see you guys come back to this build in the future to do it to this build!
Josh32 Il y a mois
This may be a dumb question - but could you get a Subaru STI trans and just use the “front axle shafts” that go to the rear wheels? It’d be a cheaper solution if the Graziano gives you problems down the road!
Rob Ardy
Rob Ardy Il y a mois
O is for Oscar
Colton McRae
Colton McRae Il y a mois
Should you guys not being putting captive tubes through the chassis rails so the bolts don't compress/distort them?
Brad Mottishaw
Brad Mottishaw Il y a mois
I am sure you get tired of hearing people saying this, but THAT IS FREAKING AWESOMENESS!
Matthew Casey
Matthew Casey Il y a mois
Very surprised you didn’t try to setup the AWD of the Gallardo seems like this application would benefit from that.
Avi Hesser
Avi Hesser Il y a mois
What happened to the supra?
Charles Seymour
Charles Seymour Il y a mois
B is for butcher. Chop the frame then sketch the frame location? Model stress concentrations? Naa just chop chop.
enrique shockwave
enrique shockwave Il y a mois
always fast forward through the fabrication, thats the best stuff, need slow motion glamour shots.
Ivan Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez Il y a mois
Single seater super car hasn’t been mentioned in over half a year. Smh
Seth Cormier
Seth Cormier Il y a mois
Go for a 8 to 1 exhaust. Like if you agree. That’s if you go na
Michel Medina
Michel Medina Il y a mois
This si t the first off road huracán and it will t the 2nd manual huracán there is no lambo engine and no original body parts. It’s like saying I have a Ferrari Enzo but with a Ls engine and aftermarket parts all the way around. No. This is why you got the Shelby taken away. Think before you say shit man. Love your videos tho.
Michel Medina
Michel Medina Il y a mois
Derek Mclaughlin
Derek Mclaughlin Il y a mois
What plasma cutter do you guys use ? would you recommend it ?
Jessica Polzin
Jessica Polzin Il y a mois
Racingnick17 Il y a mois
It’s 666 oh no AHHHHHH
Skiridr22 Il y a mois
Did you test fit the axle shafts? It wired the motor/trans is sitting at that angle
Aidan Morris
Aidan Morris Il y a mois
A LS swapped Lambo is definitely a new concept to me.
Dave Shiroma
Dave Shiroma Il y a mois
Dang man I’m not getting your notifications!
Michael Lott
Michael Lott Il y a mois
What song is that around 15 min in
kweenbCmg Il y a mois
Can we get videos more offren break your 1 20min video down in 2 please!!!
BoostAddict Il y a mois
Just out of curiosity, why not use an Audi 01E transmission?
T Hman
T Hman Il y a mois
When we gonna get to see it as a roller on it's own weight?
Jim Patrick
Jim Patrick Il y a mois
Where’s the disaster boat?
CSGTech Il y a mois
Will u use the huracan engine at least?
Trash Account
Trash Account Il y a mois
Trans?:/ More like sans
Scallyweig08 Il y a mois
Next time on b is for build we build a ratrod huracan with a 6.6 duramax engine
Mineday Gamer
Mineday Gamer Il y a mois
Diesel Lambo?
Racerx Il y a mois
I wouldn’t even waste time migrating the plate until something goes. Definitely a good ide though. Project is looking great.
BIG D'S GARAGE Il y a mois
Bro ls swap all the huracans
BIG D'S GARAGE Il y a mois
So am I missing something... what happened to doing the yacht in a hurry because it costed so much to store it?
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras Il y a mois
The mounting is awesome and so clean!
James Fortune
James Fortune Il y a mois
What song is being used at 14:40???
Frank Dobisch
Frank Dobisch Il y a mois
Oscar uses that plasma cutter like it's a pair of Scissors on paper.
Howard Johnson
Howard Johnson Il y a mois
Really enjoying this build thanks to you all for the great concept and content
Geo Martens
Geo Martens Il y a mois
Looks great,innovative and creative as usual.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Black Army
Black Army Il y a mois
What happend to the one seater?
Truth is Freedom
Truth is Freedom Il y a mois
Sorry B is for build I'm deleting your channel due to FRfix censorship of Conservative content!!! See Ya!!
Nathaniel Langston
Nathaniel Langston Il y a mois
FANTASTIC TRANS MOUNT!! LOOKS AWESOME!! Looks similarly beautiful to what would be on a Lambo stock! Just in a beefier off road sorta way lol.
Snugglez Il y a mois
You're putting an LS in that thing? Whyyyyyy?! 🤦‍♂️
James Lamb
James Lamb Il y a mois
Random thought whist watching think episode for the next one you build couldn’t you utilise that adapter plate to help mount the engine and box seem a solid piece could add some mounted plates down each side bolt it to each side of chassis
Scott huey
Scott huey Il y a mois
Looking good guys.
Mitko Tashev
Mitko Tashev Il y a mois
Everytime you say "useless material" an engineer dies 😁😁
Darius Pringle
Darius Pringle Il y a mois
Sorry guys, FRfix censorship is untenable, unsubscribed
Zippy TheChicken
Zippy TheChicken Il y a mois
jump to 3:04
Lorenzo Sguaitamatti
Lorenzo Sguaitamatti Il y a mois
There is also the rwd galliardo
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Someone took the REAR END apart and then RUINED it..
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@GameMixTreize VA ETRE CHOQUE DE SA 125 YZ !
Team Martin Burgniard
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