Off-Road Lamborghini Huracan Long Travel Suspension Is Finished!

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B is for Build

Il y a mois

In this episode we assemble all the front suspension for the #jumpacan
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B is for Build
B is for Build Il y a mois
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days
VdubSPAZ Il y a mois
I'm not sure if you're even going to read this or not but I would suggest putting some upper bracing on them bump stops or gusset somehow someway cuz when your suspension travel and smacks them after a while they're just going to bend the current way that they are seen that fixed that..... Either brace it from below or brace it from above or put a bar going straight across somehow some way the basically gives additional strength to the top of that is it's going to move the more you smack it and you will
Anton Il y a mois
Hey you're using mustang gt brakes check out dodge Van's and SUV brakes I personally have 2013 dodge grand caravan brakes on a 54 chevy
Gummby Pokey
Gummby Pokey Il y a mois
The jumpacan needs to have a raid sponsorship livery when done
James Bauman
James Bauman Il y a mois
no ok
SDK Racing
SDK Racing Il y a mois
@Ali Butt Spam will get you nowhere...
Jeremiah Rios
Jeremiah Rios Il y a 16 jours
Will we have the option to buy merch that the shop survived the Oscar fire?
Jordi lopez
Jordi lopez Il y a 21 jour
13:09 With these ball joints, what angle of rotation will the wheels have?
thanedogg Il y a 25 jours
I'm into pre-runners mostly. this is sick.
Merlin Kuder
Merlin Kuder Il y a 27 jours
I can’t get over how well engineered the suspension is! It’s amazing
Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman Il y a 29 jours
Seems like a very awkward location for the bumpstop to be mounted, as well as where it contacts the knuckle. Normally it would contact the lower arm and there would be like a ¼" thick steel plate where it would make contact.
Forsaken Ace
Forsaken Ace Il y a mois
I really don’t see this thin ass sheet steel able to take a lot of punishment. I can see it being cost effective and easier to custom build, but not as durable in the long run
Dimitri Thomas
Dimitri Thomas Il y a mois
this is gonna be epic!
Gaz Jones
Gaz Jones Il y a mois
Looking at that hub setup, the turning circle is going to be the size of the USA itself.
Drew Goody
Drew Goody Il y a mois
Ya 4 extinguishers till you have happen to that did to me I had a little fire went to grab one I had 2 of them come to find out someone thought it would be funny to chase each other around while blasting them
Drew Goody
Drew Goody Il y a mois
Ok your making me want to go out and weld something together at 1120 at night haha
Drew Goody
Drew Goody Il y a mois
The Lambaja jumpican is looking sexy as hell
4LitreJeeper Il y a mois
You are definitely gonna need to add a brace for those bumpstops. Think of it like a strut brace but you need to tie both sides together. The hardest part of desert racing is landing on these cars and trucks so plan for it.
Blinka Bot
Blinka Bot Il y a mois
Awesome work by all of you guys. SEMptors did a great job!! without his assembly work you'd be struggling for days.
Schulzy Il y a mois
I wouldn't use slotted brakes on something that's going off road
Joseph Gebre
Joseph Gebre Il y a mois
2021 is a good year for welding slow-mos. I'm still hopeful
Reid Levering
Reid Levering Il y a mois
Please for the love of god tell me the song name at 6:30 I have been trying to find it for a week and the just used it in another video so now the thirst is real. Must. Find. Song. 🤣
Raul Raya
Raul Raya Il y a mois
What dimensions round tubing would be recommended for a similar job ?
Will Gehrke
Will Gehrke Il y a mois
This is going to be pretty cool. And probably a blast to drive! Looking forward to seeing it in action!
Aidan Guimond
Aidan Guimond Il y a mois
Safeer Muhammed
Safeer Muhammed Il y a mois
Ethan Macheras
Ethan Macheras Il y a mois
Front suspension looks awesome, this car is going to be awesome and can't wait for it to be finished!
Cameron Muller
Cameron Muller Il y a mois
Loving the music in this ep!
Jaime Martinez
Jaime Martinez Il y a mois
Shawn Carrell
Shawn Carrell Il y a mois
Love the videos, but this is not going to be the first offroad Lamborghini Hurrican the first one is the Lamborghini Sterrato.
Jordan Dennis
Jordan Dennis Il y a mois
3:53 b is for babadook
Ryan Mabee
Ryan Mabee Il y a mois
I know LS swaps are the “easy” way to go but I keep imagining how sick it would be hearing a real Lambo engine blasting down a trail somewhere.
Benjamin Anderson
Benjamin Anderson Il y a mois
That was great!
Mrjensplayer Il y a mois
Alistair Youngman
Alistair Youngman Il y a mois
I love how even after the fire no one bothers to move the blanket!!
鳳アズミ Ootori Azumi
鳳アズミ Ootori Azumi Il y a mois
better off road huracan than the huracan with the weird "exo cage" that isn't really an off road huracan
555jaybo Il y a mois
proper excited for this :)
SVT_ Alan
SVT_ Alan Il y a mois
Can you please do a update on the raptor
Tanner Newton
Tanner Newton Il y a mois
blanket still there, lesson not learned
Carl Blackburn
Carl Blackburn Il y a mois
When do you get back to the boat??
Greg Smith
Greg Smith Il y a mois
no springs?
Thomas LeCoure
Thomas LeCoure Il y a mois
There are definitely five fire extinguishers and not four. lol
Gary Mapes
Gary Mapes Il y a mois
Just found your channel had to sub, one of the sickest builds ive seen forsure can't wait to see it finished. I might go to LV to see this thing in action.
rendub Il y a mois
why tf am I not getting these vids in my sub box?
NexT Il y a mois
Looking at how fast this is coming together is so nice! I love watching you build these things that some of us were dreaming about as kids
Chris H
Chris H Il y a mois
Anyone else count 5 fire extinguishers instead of 4? Perhaps one has been depleted due to previous fire?
Abdul Kareem
Abdul Kareem Il y a mois
But why????😂
mc berk
mc berk Il y a mois
when is the supra comming
Tom Busey
Tom Busey Il y a mois
i love this build
Busters Garage
Busters Garage Il y a mois
Love the serious progress AND work! Just make sure to add a layer of insulation between different metals.. to prevent corrosion from electrolysis. Paint is good, but a wide electrical tape or single layer of insulator works better! You can find super wide "electrical tape" online. like 4" to 6" wide and it makes it super quick to coat things.
Paul Malang
Paul Malang Il y a mois
Was it still awd?
Chubby Noodles
Chubby Noodles Il y a mois
Steel and aluminum should not be making direct contact. Ford made this mistake with the expedition and fixed the issue for the 2015 F150.
RYKE Il y a mois
are there going to be body panels of any kind on this build?
Justin Kasey
Justin Kasey Il y a mois
Whoever is choosing the music, please stop!
villen Il y a mois
Seems like a lot of work for something that's not going to very exciting at all when it's finished but God bless.
mtbjunkie247365 Il y a mois
some videos I wish the Behind the build channel had it at regular speed so I could see everything I am missing at high speed. maybe even hear the conversation on trying to figure out this puzzle.
Josh Parks
Josh Parks Il y a mois
Chris: good lord this thing is heavy, you can’t really lift it with one arm... Oscar:: Hold my beer....
Jason Fairfield
Jason Fairfield Il y a mois
I'm over this game raid and I've never played it
mike dunn
mike dunn Il y a mois
Hope you all can run a stream of the race from the car!
Deimos Phob
Deimos Phob Il y a mois
I feel like yall could actually make a good deal of money doing AMERI-can work for other people. You clearly have the experience, it could give you and your friends quite a bit of money on the side, and you could have way more content. You could be like the next RWB, but instead of Porsche you go for lambo's.
Eric Gore
Eric Gore Il y a mois
Christopher Nolan called. It appears jumpacon is a trademarked character name for his bat mobile. We will have to confiscate anything to do with this character! 😆
David Lindsey
David Lindsey Il y a mois
Hulk Smash
Hulk Smash Il y a mois
What type of material is the monocoque made of?won't it tear with the force of an off road?
andy turnbull
andy turnbull Il y a mois
How do the steel pieces youve had made attach to the aluminum of the chassis?
Dante malasch
Dante malasch Il y a mois
Where is the supra build
vdubster Il y a mois
The Lamborghini Huracan Superpesante is born.
Pedro Siqueira
Pedro Siqueira Il y a mois
“Worlds firs off rod Lamborghini huracán” there’s literally a OEM off road Lamborghini huracán. It’s called the Lamborghini huracán sterrato 🙅🏻‍♂️
A big Idiot
A big Idiot Il y a mois
what happened to the supra
Terrance Williams
Terrance Williams Il y a mois
If John Conor had a Lamborghini in the terminator
Brian Cole
Brian Cole Il y a mois
To less welding!
Brian Cole
Brian Cole Il y a mois
To much hand movement
Robert Kenny
Robert Kenny Il y a mois
Have a super new year!!!!
Joseph Caratelli
Joseph Caratelli Il y a mois
Love the build but the time lapse around 5:00 mark should of been a touch slower. Everyone was moving around Flash
nerd-guy Il y a mois
What was the outcome of the Italian yacht?
Geoff Infield
Geoff Infield Il y a mois
I still like 'Saharacan' but only cos I thought of it. Me and a thousand other people I'm sure. Perfect for a dune jumping supercar!
James Bauman
James Bauman Il y a mois
ok boomer
Cloud Chaser cbd reviews
Cloud Chaser cbd reviews Il y a mois
Should collab with diesel brother and throw some trax on it lol
James Maroon
James Maroon Il y a mois
Chris. Can't wait to see where the shocks and springs go. Or will it be a coil over.
j2681 Il y a mois
upper and lower control arms look a little close together near the frame side, mite make steering difficult
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers Il y a mois
Ahhh, so Oscar is the brains and the braun. Chris is just a pretty face for the thumbnails...😆
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers Il y a mois
B is for Oscar Burning down the house...
AZBB Il y a mois
Mint 400 in March. That's a lofty goal, my friend!
That Drippy Dude
That Drippy Dude Il y a mois
Brian Hood
Brian Hood Il y a mois
I love the Audi brakes and rotors set.
allenc1091 Il y a mois
How does it turn.....?
Ty Short
Ty Short Il y a mois
"We only have 1,2,3,4! Extinguishers" As there's 5 sitting there 😂😂 had to go back to make sure I counted right lol.
Nathan Tiller
Nathan Tiller Il y a mois
I love this build, but damn I wish it would be powered by the factory V10 with a gnarly twin turbo setup.
Geo Martens
Geo Martens Il y a mois
Looks great 😊
alan walters
alan walters Il y a mois
how does the front spindels turn
NinjadevinofMC Il y a mois
I’m sitting here and wondering how the hell is this thing going to turn ? Am I missing something?
TVR 1975
TVR 1975 Il y a mois
Such a small and simple fabrication job...why is it taking you guys so long??? :) Pretty amazing work. Looking forward to more videos.
Garrett Il y a mois
Why is the bump stop hitting the uniball? Seems like unnecessary force on the bolt and joint which could cause a failure from a hard hit.
Put Em In The Boat
Put Em In The Boat Il y a mois
Will DDE and B is For Build truly collab/race some day???
John Roberts
John Roberts Il y a mois
sir or mam! this was unreal
Shaun PC
Shaun PC Il y a mois
I’ve gotta say it Chris as much as I like you buddy, Oscar has many strengths over you mate. Sorry if it seems a little harsh but he really doesn’t get enough praise for all of his efforts on your channel and I don’t necessarily mean by you Chris.
Tyrone Anstee
Tyrone Anstee Il y a mois
Bump stops are gonna brake it
Daniele Pellizzon
Daniele Pellizzon Il y a mois
This is probably the biggest LEGO sets I have ever seen... :-)
Michael Il y a mois
Any news on the boat?
Ian Il y a mois
Hardware store bolts? 🤦🏼‍♂️ good luck with that
Doruk Guentay
Doruk Guentay Il y a mois
What happened to your Quickjacks??
Jeff Digital
Jeff Digital Il y a mois
16 minute video and over 2 minutes is a Raid commercial? I've missed you old Chris.
plageran Il y a mois
Chris seriously!! Get your guys to wear masks while sanding or grinding steel! I don't want Oscar or Kyle to go missing after 2 months of JumpaCon
BeRad Il y a mois
I hope they put a cummin's in this
Dillon Smith
Dillon Smith Il y a mois
Are there actually people who play Raid? I'm genuinely curious
Scott Donaldson
Scott Donaldson Il y a mois
Really disappinted you are wasting time on this and not the boat. Lambo off roader isn't interesting like so many of your projects, it's just a waste of time and money.
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