Tearing Into My 14L Diesel Boat Engine To Find The Damage

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Il y a 4 mois

In today's episode we're tearing into my Cummins VT903M 14L diesel boat engine to see how bad the damage is and if we can fix it.
Huge thanks to Texas Speed for partnering with us on this one, check them out at www.texas-speed.com/
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Steve 1961P.
Steve 1961P. Il y a 3 jours
The impellor was probably changed at sea where doing everything you just did would have been very dangerous. Considering it was done that way once and then never cleaned out, it probably ate more impellors. Who knows how many were in there?? So the issue is, do you have gauges that would have told you that the damn thing was overheating or is that something you damn sure should add now??????
1tobicat Il y a 4 jours
Williamsburg Kavanagh
Williamsburg Kavanagh Il y a 4 jours
That 903 cummins is so much better for the application. There is no replacement for displacement and torque is king.
Brent Nelson
Brent Nelson Il y a 7 jours
Your 300 gallon tank will get you about 2 hours of boating.... maybe.... where as diesel would have gotten you a 10 hour day. Sadly you made a mistake here. Those diesels could have been rebuilt brand new for sale price as the gas ones and lasted 10x longer.
dean weber
dean weber Il y a 9 jours
either wait the month for the Kit, Spend 20k on each engine or hire a real MECHANIC, PS no one thought about putting Dye in the engine when it was running then taking a purple light to it to see where the oil was coming from ?
rich keylor
rich keylor Il y a 11 jours
These last three videos have been difficult to watch, but the comment section has been entertaining as hell!!!!!
donr416 Il y a 12 jours
Ghastly decision. Marine diesels exist for very good reasons.
donr416 Il y a 12 jours
The audible air leak was probably in the turbo where it is a sling seal.
caseyernstmusic Il y a 13 jours
Thumbnail. A 14 liter 4 cyl?.?.?. Video. Ohhh ok v8
akron 27
akron 27 Il y a 13 jours
Call diesel bros
peanutbutterisfu Il y a 14 jours
I can tell you EXACTLY what happened here!! I can tell you with absolute certainty them 2 cylinders were burning oil going past the oil control rings. So what happened more than likely was the previous owner was driving that boat wide open and didn’t realize it was overheating well them pistons expanded from overheating and that’s why there was so much scoring in the 2 cylinders which usually looks like the cylinder is scored but it’s actually aluminum from the piston so the piston is actually worn not the cylinder. When the owner realized it over heated they replaced that sea pump. The o-rings on the sleeves were leaking because how hot the sleeves were from the sea pump failing. It’s not even about the money to repair them engines the problem is if your driving this boat far away you want engines that you can get parts for last thing you want to do is drive it 1000 miles away then have to wait 1 month for a part. If I did diesels in that boat I would only do an in-line engine so you have the room to work on them. It’s just like when guys swap in a LS in an old 1950’s car then if a water pump goes bad you can go to any part store but if you have an old weird 50’s engine your shit outta luck getting parts fast. I love diesels for one reason you don’t need race fuel! You can have 2000 ft lb of torque in a diesel and u just run diesel for 3 bucks a gallon but a gasoline engine to get the same massive power your running race fuel plus diesels run forever and don’t break down as much if you have a good engine. But I would definitely would do the same thing and put some gas engines in it. Maybe if I knew I would keep that boat my entire life I would do the diesels just because it would cost less money in fuel and maintenance in the long run. Also I would never run a boat engine with a carburetor if it’s going to have a turbo or blower because boats tend to sit a lot all it takes is a little dirt in the carb it runs lean under boost and ur melting pistons. Anyways that’s a cool project you have there can’t wait to see it all done
budsbus TBI
budsbus TBI Il y a 26 jours
i work on these motors!! and i know this is old!! but you are so wrong!! you lossed your oil cooler! that dumped oil out your exhaust, thats why oil in your water pump!
Mark Hancock
Mark Hancock Il y a mois
I curious what your final total costs will be when you are done, and, if you think it was all worth it. Would another used/newer boat have been a better idea? Good luck guys. I hope it all works out. And, I hope you do give an honest final cost when you're done.
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson Il y a mois
Buy a good 903 and put back in there. Huge very expensive mistake going to gas. No torque, horrible economy and performance. You'll be fighting the throttles constantly in any kind a sea.
j johnson
j johnson Il y a mois
Just bolt some outboards on the back of your yacht
j johnson
j johnson Il y a mois
Ahh the reason for the smoke when started see video #1
C L Il y a mois
If you replace those marine diesels with petrol you are completely insane and putting the safety of yourself and passengers at risk. Stop thinking you know better then the people who designed the boat and just be humble for once.
Kevin Olesik
Kevin Olesik Il y a mois
B is for Bottomless Money Pit ...
ern din
ern din Il y a mois
You can get VT903M for cheaper than you think. Look into Government Auctions. The Coast Guard used these for years with great reliability.
Crittenden Bliss
Crittenden Bliss Il y a mois
B is for Train Wreck
The Dog Tutor
The Dog Tutor Il y a mois
a head gasket leak can be as small as a pin hole putting anti freez in the oil
Tshasta4449 Il y a mois
I found a brand new 903 with all the hardware 0 hours for $15000. You didn’t do your homework
Tshasta4449 Il y a mois
You didn’t do very good research, those Cummins VTA 903 marine engines are available on eBay 500hp and with warranty for $4995. Each. Problem with putting gas in your boat will automatically loose half it’s value when you decide to dump it.
Tshasta4449 Il y a mois
Those pieces of rubber are the water pump, you should have replaced both impellers when you bought the boat, there is certain things that don’t last forever on a old boat,
Tshasta4449 Il y a mois
I’m guessing that the turbo blew an oil seal. If it was a crank seal I don’t see you dumping 11 gallons of oil in the bilge in a short time without evidence on the outside of the block. If the turbo seal went you could pump it out the exhaust
Roy Morales
Roy Morales Il y a mois
If you can't fix you CV JOINT On your truck WTF makes you think you can fix that🤔
developermm Il y a mois
I just saw a post on reddit and immediately recognized the water pump from the one that was destroyed on your engine. www.reddit.com/r/Justrolledintotheshop/comments/kr1x9f/this_is_why_we_do_routine_inspections_kids/?
2Redoctober Il y a mois
You really did not say steam line did you? A STEAM LINE? You are in WAY over you heads.
Graeme Glen
Graeme Glen Il y a mois
The fact it was re-propped for higher revs says the original diesel engines might not be the ideal engines for the boat. So why not try the LS option. Economy is irrelevant when talking fast cruiser boats that are just going to be used for fun. If you don't know the question. LS is the answer.
jdj offgridhomesteaders
jdj offgridhomesteaders Il y a mois
Well I was subbed, but after seeing this, I see nothing more of value. Just dumb
Enoch Munroe
Enoch Munroe Il y a mois
i would love to buy them engines
Tommy Tirey
Tommy Tirey Il y a mois
I think the rod bearing is bad on at least 1 cylinder
Tommy Tirey
Tommy Tirey Il y a mois
that is the impeller blades of the water pump that cools the exhaust
ZOANOM Il y a mois
The telltale was the low knock.
Todd Frisch
Todd Frisch Il y a mois
Good videos. Knock it out. It’s your boat and your adventure. Be safe
John Il y a mois
Bro, here’s how you double your $ on boats. Fold your money in half and stick it back in your pocket! Welcome to the brotherhood of boat owners. Pretty boat!
Michael E Jean- louis
Michael E Jean- louis Il y a mois
Maybe you didn't check the oil before starting and the engine was running dry surprise it didn't blow earlier tough engine those cummings.Rubber impeller.Gass is safer and less expensive really in one month you will spend all your savings this is madness .
Michael Mills
Michael Mills Il y a mois
B is for Build: Merry Christmas Kiss my Ass Kiss his Ass Kiss Your Ass Happy Hanukkah
DieselProductions95 Il y a mois
What muppets. Looking for oil leaks 🤣🤣 if you checked the oil level before you started it that day you would have known your engine was using oil. I served my time on them V8 cummins and Perkins. They take 38 liters of engine oil. A little oil stain on the bottom of the raw water pump really is not what your problem is. I dont feel sorry for you . How u have 1.45 milion subs is worrying. Learn to check your oil its a 30 year old engine 🤣🤣
gregory perkins
gregory perkins Il y a mois
nobody ever goes from turbo diesel to gas. gas never lasts as long with 1000 hours being max time. gas will be 4 to 5 times the fuel costs over turbo diesel. a good change out would be turbo 6bt or turbo 3208. also the resale value of the boat will take a big hit with gas. gas is also very dangerous on a boat.
James Hildebrand
James Hildebrand Il y a 2 mois
If they didn't know what a raw water pump impeller. They wouldn't know to change it
Put a om606 or om603 turbo in the boat
Cory Lundgren
Cory Lundgren Il y a 2 mois
I'd put those 7 thousand pound diesel engs. on a tug and haul them out past the bar and drop them to make a artificial reef. Then I'd build a outboard bracket and bolt on 3 450 h.p. outboards and be done with it. You're putting way too much work into the boat. Easy outboards! Easy maintenance! Easy replacement! And...1/4 of the weight, and better performance.
Curt Hook
Curt Hook Il y a 2 mois
You also would to put in at least 1200 HP LS motors to even close of producing the amount of torque those diesels put out
Curt Hook
Curt Hook Il y a 2 mois
I can’t believe you have taken on a project so large and you don’t even know that chunks of rubber are from your raw water pump. I’ve lost all faith
Field of Dreams
Field of Dreams Il y a 2 mois
Did anyone ever check the oil level or better yet change it? Oil and filter would be minimum engine maintenance, possibly a compression test prior to purchase would have been a good idea as well. If the toasted water pump cooked the sleeve seals it was over before you turned the motor over. 5 gallons is a monster amount of oil. If it went into the hull it would look like a tanker oil spill, where did it all go?
Phil Mann
Phil Mann Il y a mois
That's a great question. Do we even know for a fact that there WAS oil in this engine before the trip started? (They have these things called dip-sticks, that, while admittedly not as high tech as remote reading oil pressure gauges, are exceedingly reliable - and, if you're a hopelessly behind the times old geezer, should be checked before every trip.) If it went into the drip pan or bilge, that would be obvious. If it got burned, that should have left massive exhaust smoke. If it went overboard un-burned, that should have left an obvious slick. Something doesn't smell right about this.
Carl Williams
Carl Williams Il y a 2 mois
Ha, Ha! He implied he thinks he might get a return on investment from the boat. He really is a newbie to Marine World! Well... He learned that that "rubber thing" was an impeller. That's progress!
Peter Howard
Peter Howard Il y a 2 mois
ow my god i dont know were to start, hope you know the valve timing before you put one though a piston, hope you understand injector pump timing, pulling out the sleeve lick that !!! OWCH.
Charlie Prewett
Charlie Prewett Il y a 2 mois
Putting a fluorescent additive in the oil would have helped find the leak - too late now. Interesting channel!
Simon Baker
Simon Baker Il y a 2 mois
If I had to guess... impeller chunks in the cooling system caused overheating which damaged the internals of the engine, causing oil issues and finally critical failure. Guess this is why all the marine engine video channels have impellers as one of the first maintenance items they display.
TurboDieselDan Il y a 2 mois
I remember you saying it was a V6, sure looks like it has 8 cylinders to my untrained eye.
Rodney Ross
Rodney Ross Il y a 2 mois
Damn good decision. I know first hand about that engine.
trythistv Il y a 2 mois
Owning a marine repair shop I am curious of how long the "performance" engines will last. Unlike cars where racing and such is a very brief load on the engine, pushing a big boat through water may be using the engine at peak hp/tq output for literally hours on end, WOT with enough drag to keep it off the limiter 24/7 for the rest of its life. I'm not saying it won't work, I'm just curious how well it will work for an extended period. Also, yes the previous owner either swapped the impeller himself and didn't clean the shredded chunks out or has a fully incompetent mechanic. From there, reduced water flow overheated the engine, something gets hot and let water through, I see it all the time, any time we find a damaged impeller we pull the entire cooling system apart until we find all the remnants, and flush all the lines of the powderized stuff.
David Burns
David Burns Il y a 2 mois
PPE? Lol
Grom Il y a 2 mois
Shards of rubber, the water pump !
Seth Hilt
Seth Hilt Il y a 2 mois
Dam if ya weren't so far away I'd be interested in the 903s for a semi
Ih Guys
Ih Guys Il y a 2 mois
It need a New oil pan
Joey Jaquez
Joey Jaquez Il y a 2 mois
Each cylinder has a liner which can be bought as a complete set...
Joey Jaquez
Joey Jaquez Il y a 2 mois
Need a new in-frame rebuild and redo the heads, wp, oil cooler, etc... will be cheaper than LS swap... but, that’s just me saying...
s1000p Il y a 2 mois
Is still oil left inside the engine??
s1000p Il y a 2 mois
Are you living beside a Highway??
Nickolas Davies
Nickolas Davies Il y a 2 mois
you may know engines but you don't know marine engines yet, hard way to learn that marine engines need regular impala changes, at least you found where the bits go.
Damian Bright
Damian Bright Il y a 2 mois
Opposite of what you want... short term savings for long term pain, sad to see.
nitrosavy Il y a 2 mois
Who’s gives a crap what negative people say, I’m happy to follow the journey with you. Funny how all the fastest power boats still run gasoline cause they rev so much better. Thanks for keeping it interesting 👍
Donald Emery
Donald Emery Il y a 2 mois
I would love to get the those , the 903 would go in my Dodge 350 , Thank You !
Bill Bird
Bill Bird Il y a 2 mois
Ronald Walker
Ronald Walker Il y a 2 mois
Bye Bye
Robert Laird
Robert Laird Il y a 3 mois
metalboatkits.com/ is a great place to get everything you would need to build a boat. They offer the plans, the metal, the cnc cut metal, a full or partial kit and they can even build the hull for you. They are located in BC, Canada right off of the I-5 and south of Vancouver, BC.
Robert Laird
Robert Laird Il y a 3 mois
That plastic stuff looks like an impeller which should be changed out every season with a new one.
Golfnut Bruce
Golfnut Bruce Il y a 3 mois
LS engines! Bahahahhahahha... Uhmmm nope! It'll probably still float but you better add ballast. Don't count on cruising around in it. It won't happen. It's clear that you know zero about boats
John Krystowski
John Krystowski Il y a 3 mois
If he’s going to ruin it with gas why doesn’t he modify a used Mercruiser 496 HO or the new 8.2 MAG HO? Their Chevy, fuel injected, and already marinized. In fact why isn’t he using any of Mercury Racing engine for consumers?
Robert Sanders
Robert Sanders Il y a 3 mois
Richard Wallinger
Richard Wallinger Il y a 3 mois
are you crazy! taking potentially 4 tons of ballast from low down in your boat is not going to do a lot for comfy cruising . just see how quick it flips when hit by a nasty wave .
GusCRG Il y a 3 mois
Your videos are so good!! Regards from Macao
Sterling Slayden
Sterling Slayden Il y a 3 mois
Get a whaley boat
Sterling Slayden
Sterling Slayden Il y a 3 mois
Or make one way bigger.
scott doleac
scott doleac Il y a 3 mois
Oh dear no
mark mesic
mark mesic Il y a 3 mois
You are so clueless.
Taluvian Il y a 3 mois
Really should talk to Gale Banks about Duramax L5P, stock engines with cam swap, injector swap, and bigger turbo will do more than 800-900 HP and tons of torque.
Anthoney King
Anthoney King Il y a 3 mois
Oh Man this all sounds so Exciting I cant wait and yes i know im way behind your Vlogs but since the first one I don't want to miss any i love how you explain it all for us awesome Vlogs love them
David Bar
David Bar Il y a 3 mois
Long story short, if you plan on keeping that yacht, I would take the time and rebuild those Cummins. Once you swamp them out and go alternate you'll lose in the long run, the resell value will plummet, the market for a alternately powered yacht will be almost non-existent. Unlike cars, yachts/boats in general are waiting games, basically money pits. When you jump into the class you're in, they're mostly maid for people who have a lot of money and like to throw it at stuff to fix it. In fact that's in general almost all boats/yachts. Once you rebuild those Cummins, with proper preventative maintenance they'll last for quiet some time especially if you're proactive. Either way good luck i do like watching this.
rabukan 58
rabukan 58 Il y a 3 mois
My friend, I just restored a 1992 Riva 50 Superamerica HP. These boats are top of the line in every way, superior quality. No way would I put gas engines in a Riva 43 Tropicana unless I was willing to give it away for a fraction of the value. My Riva 50 has twin MAN 510's, and they are also 30 years old, but they run like new because they were maintained properly and only have 500 hours on them. They are expensive engines to maintain, but they make the boat. Riva uses diesels for a reason. Why not just rebuild your Cummins engines? My good friend, Riva Guru, is a Riva dealer/restorer in Ft. Lauderdale: rivaguru.com/contact/ I am sure he will tell you that what you are planning to do is a really bad idea. I believe top speed on the Tropicana is 35 knots.
Tony Fox
Tony Fox Il y a 3 mois
"Kathunk It" , love it
James Dobson
James Dobson Il y a 3 mois
Do the old Riva the justice she deserves. Get the other engine out, make the bilge mint. And do the rebuild with help from knowledgeable folks on here. If they wernt good and bulletproof the parts would be discontinued. I mean 3 weeksfor parts against bespoke untested parts??? Mint engine bay with 2 rebuilt originals is the only way to retain any value. Sorry mate your taking the wrong path.
Steve C
Steve C Il y a 3 mois
Boats don't need Horsepower. They need Torque. That is why the original spec for the boat was diesel. Boats need longevity. That's why the original spec was for diesel. Efficiency matters in a boat. That's why the original spec was for diesel. You are making a HUGE mistake! You are putting serious time and money into this boat, and that's commendable. But, you are doing WAY too much GUESSING on what to do! Get some knowledge before you make these decisions, and you'll be happier in the long run. You say one reason to replace those big engines is because they are too big. Too big. Oh, poor me... my engines are too big in my 20k pound yacht. Does this make sense to anyone? Talking about fire hazard... another major reason you use diesel in a large boat is explosion. Gasoline explodes, diesel does not, and you are going to carry hundreds of gallons of gasoline. Besides, don't you have a diesel generator? Now you have to add another fuel tank. You could rebuild those diesels for far less than replacing them. And, what you save in fuel cost with diesels in the first year over the gassers would cover the rebuild cost. I'm sorry, man... but you are doing all this work to "restore" the boat, but the engine decision is ruining this boat.
tom schauer
tom schauer Il y a 3 mois
I never heard of these guys before today but.....they need to stay away from boats! especially diesels! So sad to see someone trash those big cummins engine from pure ignorance. they are going to need at least four of those 454's to push that boat anywhere near what the cummins did.
tyler storm
tyler storm Il y a 3 mois
SBC 350........that is all
Mage Etherios
Mage Etherios Il y a 3 mois
I can't say I agree with LS here.... The best thing about LS engines is they're cheap, everything else you get what you pay for, I don't think he's going to want to have to do all the continuous maintenance LS engines require on a boat that takes so much time and expense to pull engines out of. But hey, at least he's having them built aftermarket, that should help him a lot.
Samuel Sykes
Samuel Sykes Il y a 3 mois
And that, my friends, is why you condition the coolant in a wet sleeve engine
Mark Wybierala
Mark Wybierala Il y a 3 mois
Have you considered diesel-electric? ...a pair of Tesla motors but driven by a generator. You could choose to employ batteries or not but if you did you’d have a sneaky stealth mode. But then there’s the added cost of a lot of black paint.
Steven Plaskett
Steven Plaskett Il y a 3 mois
Yet it's been over a month and the boat it still sitting no engines.
D Roman
D Roman Il y a 3 mois
Another interesting project. It’s been my understanding, albeit limited, that Diesel engines are more durable & more reliable for big boats.
Eric Fermin
Eric Fermin Il y a 3 mois
@26.50 you don't use "begs the question" correctly. You don't use "that begs the question" to state a question. You'd use beg the question, for example, if you were told the new engine is pretty because it isn't ugly, that would beg the question of well what is pretty.
s brown
s brown Il y a 3 mois
The dude should stick with cars, and beaters at that--or maybe go backwards a bit and start with a 18-foot runabout with a 188 hp Mercruiser to learn the basics. Don't have enough time in the day to watch another car fire on the freeway--have unsubscribed.
Skipper Richman
Skipper Richman Il y a 3 mois
as I know about water impellers on many boats. The one you have is a short vein impeller and should be changed yearly. Use triple guard grease to cover coat the impeller before installing it. Where they brake is the root area on the veins.
Straight-Six KingPin
Straight-Six KingPin Il y a 3 mois
oil cooler cracked?
Chris Bible
Chris Bible Il y a 3 mois
two things - Don't paint zinks and your oil cooler zink failed and started your oil leak into the water
Larry Snedden
Larry Snedden Il y a 3 mois
Love it....cant wait to see the results.
jensenmekk Il y a 3 mois
2X skyline engines or 2X toyota supra engines
peteb2 Il y a 3 mois
Having been round boats all my 60 plus years, you have some huge gonads going over to gasoline on a vessel this size... the issue is carrying what will be a fairly large amount of fuel onboard and serious very strict management needed to take care of the evaporates during fueling etc.... I've heard the sound & been witness what wasn't really an accident but a choice to cut corners only a small amount on just that one occasion that resulted in a fatally bad outcome....
danunk Il y a 3 mois
Don’t do, I will not watch boat related content. I’ll still watch the car content though.
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